EXCLUSIVE: Jacy Rodriguez Talks MTV's 'Are You the One?' & Relationships

Jacinda Jacy Rodriguez
Mario Perez/Courtesy MTV

Dating is hard and finding your perfect match is pretty much impossible, but MTV might have a solution for that.

The brains over at the popular network have created a social experiment that puts 10 women and 10 men in a house together in Hawaii (lucky), trying to find their perfect match. The catch? They’ve already been matched up with someone in the house! And if all 10 couples match up correctly they win the prize – one million dollars to share! Are You The One? is the show following these couples are they are given 10 chances to find their “perfect match.”

One of the beautiful women on the show is Jacinda “Jacy” Rodriguez, 24, and she is from San Juan, Puerto Rico! Jacy is a fiery Latina who knows what she is looking for when it comes to love. We spoke with Jacy on the phone and discussed what living with 20 people was like, how she views being a Latina, and loving yourself.

Check out our full interview with Jacy below:

What made you decide to join Are You The One?

Well, there was a casting call and I said okay this is a dating show, I was kind of scared, and then I thought to myself well I haven’t been good a finding love, maybe MTV are the perfect people to do that for me.

Can you tell us about some of your past relationships?

My past relationships, they haven’t really worked. I guess I picked the wrong guys. Um, it’s been a little bit of everything in my relationships. Cheating, guys who don’t do absolutely anything for me, I’m always the one who gives, gives, gives and I get nothing in return. It’s just what I was used to before the show.

Going into the show, what were you looking for in a boyfriend then? What did you want out of a relationship?

I’m going into the show and I thought that what I wanted was just this perfect guy that would listen and would understand. But actually I also knew that I had things I needed to change in order to have a good relationship and in order for the relationship to work. So I actually go into the show looking for love and I actually find myself.

What was it like trying to find your perfect match with 10 men to choose from?

All I can tell you is its not easy.

What made it not easy – having so many men or did having 9 other girls there have any factor?

I feel like I am my own person and I shine with my own light. I ultimately get my point across and who I am with all these guys. But it definitely affects all the other girls and all these different people. You know, I come from somewhere that’s totally different and I am different from everybody else. That it kinds of makes that hard to sometimes get out of my shell and eventually I do, and I do.

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