Exclusive: Jackie Cruz Talks ‘Orange is the New Black,’ Music, & Fashion

Here’s an item for your year-end to-do list: binge-watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix. The 13-episode dramedy is on all the Best of 2013 lists and is gearing up for a season 2 debut in 2014.

In anticipation of the sophomore debut, we caught up with dominicana Jackie Cruz, who portrays emo Flaca, to discuss her character, her Mr. World boyfriend (hubba, hubba), and her music and fashion aspirations. As for any season 2 spoilers? No dice!

When you were filming the first season, did you know it was going to be a hit?

It’s funny you ask that because everyone was like, “are we going to have a season 2?” I was like, “Yeah we are. It’s Jenji Kohan. Anything she writes is gold.” I knew it was going to be really big. I love Weeds and since that show was very successful I felt anything she does is going to be successful. It’s a blessing and I’m so grateful.

What can you tell us about season 2?

Absolutely nothing. It’s going to be amazing. Every episode is going to be wow! All I can tell you is that every episode is like Christmas.

The cast seems so friendly and close.

We’re all friends. We’ve created this big Orange family. It’s a big cast and it’s crazy how everyone gets along with everyone. There’s a lot of cultures on set. We go on vacation together and have dinners, etc. I have a brand new family.

You and Diane Guerrero (Maritza) have such great chemistry on the show. How close are you off the air?

We’ve become very close. We even went to Colombia together. Diane and my boyfriend are both Colombian. So Diane and I decided to go for Christmas last year after a month of knowing each other. Our relationship on set is the same off set. We hang out all the time.

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