7 Hot Guys & The Mustangs They’d Drive

Ford celebrates their 50th anniversary of the Mustang this year. The ‘Stang is iconic for auto enthusiasts and entertainment lovers all over the world. The ever so popular "pony car" has appeared in over 500 movies, and hundreds of television programs, since the car was introduced in 1964. Looking back at the rides through the years we were inspired to pair our favorite sexy men and Mustang. Vamos!

1. Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony 

Superstar Marc Anthony creates music that is timeless and classic. We can see the crooner driving in the original '64 Mustang in his next movie or to the studio to work on his next album. 

2. Prince Royce

Prince Royce 

Just hearing the name ‘Royce’ gives us a little chill of excitement. The perfect car for the singer (to pick us up for a date) would be the 2014 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. The sleek design is modern but gives a nod to the heritage. 

3. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez

Actor and host, Mario Lopez, has had our attention since we’ve seen those dimples on Saved by the Bell. Back in 1989, Lopez burst onto the scene as A.C. Slater on the popular TV sitcom. For a throwback moment, we’d love to see him driving around Bayside in this ’89 Mustang Convertible. 

4. Pitbull


Everything Mr. 305 does is guaranteed to get us on the dance floor! Pitbull needs a hot whip, like this red 2009 Mustang Convertible, to cruise down Collins and get the party started. Dale! 

5. Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama 

Wonder if this 74 Mustang is Fez approved? We’d love to see what Wilmer thinks about this this ‘Stang aka the Mustang II. Ford considered this car an “unsung hero,” it was a departure from the sporty style but still outsold other models at the time.   

6. William Levy

William Levy

Sporty, classic good looks are embodied by the 2015 Ford Mustang. We’d love to see the handsome William Levy behind in the driver’s seat of this pony. Que rico!

7. Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz

Football phenom Victor Cruz brought us to our feet with his salsa touchdowns celebrations. The New York Giants player could do victory laps in this ’11 Mustang.