Your Newest Instagram Crush: Meet This Hot Brazilian Grave Digger (Seriously)

Buzzfeed, you're really on a roll. You helped spread the gospel of the hottest Brazilian subway worker, ever (praise the lord, hallelujah, amen), and now there's another Brazilian thrust into the spotlight: Isaac Deyson, 22, a grave digger slash model…. yep, you read that right. We're not so sure how we feel about the day job, but we do know how we feel when we look at this hottie. Is it hot in here? (PS - is there something in the water in Brazil? Ay dios mio!)

1. Isaac Deyson 1

Well… hello there.

2. Isaac Deyson 2

Sure, we casually wear a wool coat wearing only briefs, too. (No complaints.)

3. Isaac Deyson 3


4. Isaac Deyson 4

Que lindo.

5. Isaac Deyson 5

He clearly has a sense of humor about his day job.

6. Isaac Deyson 6

Don't be sad… we'll join you.

7. Isaac Deyson 7

Swoon. Is there anything better than a man in a suit?