Gloria Estefan Talks New Broadway Show, 'On Your Feet!'

Gloria Estefan Talks New Broadway Show, 'On Your Feet!'
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Get on your feet!

A new musical about Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio is headed to Broadway next year. The new show, titled On Your Feet, will feature many of the cubana's greatest hits and will tell the story of the Estefans.

"It's a story of immigrants, of fighting against the odds, of getting back on our feet," Estefan told The Huffington Post's Steve Schonberg.

"That's the reason we chose that title, because that's what Emilio and I have had to do many times in our lives, including after that accident that left me paralyzed. What we want people to do is to leave that theater inspired, and to laugh and cry and dance, and maybe feel that they can do anything in their own lives."

The couple, who have been married for over three decades, recently attended an early reading for the play in New York and were touched.

"Emilio and I both cried, and so did the actors and the producers," Estefan told Steve Schonberg of The Huffington Post.

"It really was special, you know, because you're sitting there listening to an interpretation of your life... It really throws you back into very difficult moments and very wonderful moments. It was truly an emotional experience."

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