Freddie Prinze Jr.: I Can’t Tell My Daughter About My New Role

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Freddie Prinze Jr. is pretty excited about his new role in an animated flick...but he can't tell his kids about it.

The father-of-two is keeping his role in Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels a secret from his 4-year-old daughter, Charlotte Grace.

“I don’t tell her, ‘Daddy does cartoon voices,’ because to her those characters are so real and magical. What kind of jerk would I be?” Prinze, 37, told People

The actor, who made a return to the small screen on Lifetime’s Witches of East End last October, says it’s probably best his daughter doesn’t know his Star Wars character, Kanan. “She loves villains,” he laughed. “Her favorite character is Vader and she wants to kill Jedis. I don’t know what my daughter will become.”

However, even though Charlotte and his son, Rocky James, 18 months, Prinze says the whole family -- including his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar -- are thrilled to see the flick.

“It’s Star Wars, man! I got this scar on my chin after playing with some aluminum poles my cousin and I pretended were lightsabers. To be part of this is surreal,” he said. 

And does his son love Star Wars, too? Well, not yet.  “He’s big enough to play with Hot Wheels cars now without swallowing them," Prinze reveals.

Catch a sneak peek of Freddie's character below! Will you be seeing the film? 

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