Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello & Lauren Jauregui on Musical Influences and 5th Times A Charm Tour

Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello & Lauren Jauregui

We can't get enough of Fifth Harmony! Harmonizers, we're sure you can understand why. These five chicas are amazingly talented and their rise to fame in the last year and a half has been insane!

On Sunday, the group performed in North Texas at the NCAA Final Four Bracket Town concert sponsored by AT&T. (Did you watch?) Days leading up to their performance, we spoke with Fifth Harmony members Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui to get more details.

"It’s been really great," Camila told us. "We’re going to get to sing a song in Spanish, which will be really cool. And AT&T is partnering with the NCAA, and it’s going to be a really good experience. We’re really excited!"

But that's not all, Camia and Lauren also dished on their upcoming headline tour ("5th Times A Charm"), their musical influences, touring with Demi Lovato and more! Read our entire exclusive with two of Fifth Harmony's Latinas below:

We just got word about your upcoming tour – "5th Times A Charm." You must all be so excited!

Lauren: Yeah, we’re definitely really excited about going on tour this summer because we love being able to go out and perform for our fans and stuff. This time around we’re hopefully going to be able to have some new music to perform as well.

So you just got off tour with Demi Lovato, how was it?

Camila: It was so much fun! I mean, we got to play in front of thousands of people every day in arenas, which is something that we weren’t used to. We learned a lot from her and she’s just as genuine as she seems. It was so much fun!

The prank that you pulled on her [Demi Lovato] on April Fools was pretty hilarious. How did you guys pull it off?

Camila: The prank with Demi was Dinah’s idea and [she] was the mastermind behind it. Dinah had been planning with one of Demi’s good friends, Marissa. She had Marissa tape the whole thing. It was like, we were all standing around talking to her, and all of the sudden Dinah was like, “I love you Demi!” And she went to say, “Aw I love you too,” and Dinah like splattered the whipped cream in her face. It was hilarious!

Sounds like that was definitely a lot of fun!

Lauren: Yeah!

Camila: It was so much fun!

Tell us a bit how life has changed for you all since forming Fifth Harmony. Your fans really love you!

Camila: Yeah, they’re the best! Everything has changed for us really. We get to do what we love everyday. Right now, we’re finishing up our album. We’re going into recording, and then we’re going to do the summer too. And it’s amazing that people like us enough to want to hear the album and to want to come to the shows. Like, it’s incredible.

Will there be more songs in Spanish on the new album?

Camila: Hopefully.

Lauren: I really hope we do because it was awesome. The [whole] process of recording the Spanish CD was pretty awesome, so I hope we get to do the same for our album. I don’t see why we wouldn’t.

Will there be any collaborations on there?

Camila: Not that we know of yet. We don’t know because we haven’t gone into the recording process to know about those fun things.

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