Emmanuel Lubezki's 10 Best Instagram Photos

You may have heard the name Emmanuel Lubezki circulating among the film crowd lately. Lubezki, who's worked alongside Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron for many years, is (fingers crossed!) the likely winner for Best Achievement in Cinematography at tomorrow night's Academy Awards. 

The Gravity cinematographer's talent isn't restricted to a video camera -- he posseses some major iPhone props as well. Lubezki's personal Instagram account is filled with dozens of visually arresting, gorgeously framed snapshots.

Check out these 10 shots we loved from his Instagram feed...along with some trivia about the award-winning Mexican filmmaker: 


1. Emmanuel Lubezki Instagram 1

Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki Morgenstern was born to a Jewish family in Mexico City, Mexico. Lubezski and Alfonso Cuarón, whom he met in film school, have worked on a variety of films together, including A Little Princess, Great Expectations, Children of Men, Y Tu Mamá También, and of course, Gravity. 

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Lubezki has been nominated for six Academy Awards in his illustrious career for his work on A Little Princess, Sleepy Hollow, The New World, Children of Men, The Tree of Life, and Gravity. 

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It took four and a half years to bring Gravity to the big screen. Cuarón and Lubezki struggled to find the technology necessary to bring the project to life. “The toughest thing was the phenomena called gravity,” Cuarón said. “Because, throughout the whole film, you’re fighting gravity.”

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The cinematographer is being lauded by film experts for his recreation of a zero-gravity environment. Lubezki says he sought to use the tools of cinematography to create a strong emotional bond between the viewer and Sandra Bullock’s character -- a grieving scientist lost in space. 

5. Emmanuel Lubezki Instagram 5

The opening shot of Gravity is a 13-minute single “take” that begins with two astronauts lingering in space before disaster strikes. “To me, that shot his very powerful and tells the real story of the movie: that humans are tiny little specs in space, and we’ve always been afraid of that.” Lubezki told HitFix. 

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Beyond his work with Cuarón, Lubezki has become one of the most respected cinematographers alive today. He’s worked with filmmakers like Michael Mann, Tim Burton, Terrence Malick, and The Coen Brothers. 

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Cuarón and Lubezki have a strong relationship: both on and off screen. “Chivo’s not only my friend, I’m a big fan of him,” Cuarón said of Lubezki. “I think that he’s one of the most interesting filmmakers working around...I think he’s at the very, very top, one of the great geniuses of our day.”

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Lubezki has already won big for his work on Gravity. He took home the BAFTA for ‘Best Cinematography’ as well as the American Society of Cinematographers top award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in a Feature Film. 

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What’s next for the talented Mexican filmmaker? Lubezski has finished filming Birdman, a film directed by fellow Mexicano Alejandro González Iñárritu, and the Terrence Malick directed film Knight of Cups. 

10. Emmanuel Lubezki Instagram 10

Will Lubezki take home the Academy Award for Best Cinematography? Watch and find out! The 86th Academy Awards air Sunday, March 2 on ABC at 7EST/4PST.