Dog Vogue: 9 Chic Chihuahuas

There are two things in life that you just don’t mess with: people’s closets and people’s dogs.

After noticing the internet's fascination with fashionable pups, photographer Sophie Gamand and pet couturier Anthony Rubio decided to launch a project that would display dogs in their full glory. Dog Vogue dedicated itself to glorifying over-the-top Chihuahuas in costumes that reflect their true nature: as princesses and divas, knights and emperors! 

So, having a ruff day? Perk up, and fall in puppy love with these adorably chic canines: 

1. Bogie

We’re loving the über-trendy calaveras! And that ox-blood hat is on-point for winter!

2. Kimba

This pup channels their inner royal with a simply decadent look that includes a glamorous rhinestone collar and sequined top-hat.

3. Amazing Grace

This stunning canine pays homage to the Duchess of Cambridge in an elaborate floral hat that’s perfect for any garden party.

4. Daisy

Always the fashionista! This doggie rocks Pantone’s color of the year “Radiant Orchid” in a majestic floor-length gown.

5. Angel Song

He woofs, “BRING IT, POLAR VORTEX” in this fuzzy, faux fur hat.

6. Peach

Doesn’t she look just like a porcelain doll in this adorable sequined, tulle skirt and plaid bow?!

7. Cosmo

This pup has some serious summer style. Where can we fetch that vacation-ready hat?

8. Chester

This dog’s look would make a perfect Dia De Los Muertos outfit, no?

9. Bleu

We love a man who’s not afraid to wear pink. He accessorizes his beaded magenta collar perfectly with a simple, chic top hat. Bravo!