Diego Luna Condemns Homophobic Slurs During World Cup Matches

Diego Luna arrives at The The Cesar Chavez Foundation's 2014 Legacy Awards Dinner
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Diego Luna wants Mexican soccer fans to stop using homophobic terms like "puto" to insult players during matches. 

"Puto" is a derogatory Spanish term for homosexual men. 

"I went to the (2006) World Cup in Germany, and I did hear [that slur]," the actor and director said. "I never joined in. It wasn't something I could be proud of."

According to Fox News Latino, Luna, 34, said that soccer matches are a reflection of our cultire in many ways. He added that "we live in a classist, racist, homophobic society into which we are very assimiliated, that's all. I'm not really proud about that."

Luna isn't the only one who's noticed Mexican's use of the slur. FIFA opened a "disciplinary inquiry" into the cries of Mexican fans based on videos from two games. According to FIFA policy, discrimination against any country or individual because of their race, skin color, ethnic origin, nationality, sex, language, or religion is strictly prohibited. That policy extends to players and fans. 

Mexican national team coach Miguel Herrera gave little importance to what the fans were yelling. "We have nothing to say, we're with the fans. They do it to put pressure on the other team's goalkeeper -- I don't think it's that serious," he said in a press conference.

We're proud of Diego for taking a stand on a this issue. What are your thoughts?