EXCLUSIVE: Devious Maids Talk Latinas In Hollywood, Stereotypes, and More

Devious Maids Latina May 2014 cover shoot

It was a groundbreaking moment —the first American TV show to cast five Latina leads. But before the first Devious Maids episode even aired last summer, many in the Latino community hit the panic button, yelling, “Stereotype!” With the second season debuting this month, the show’s talented quintet—Dania Ramirez, Roselyn Sanchez, Ana Ortiz, Judy Reyes and Edy Ganem—speaks up about silencing the critics, forging a new path for Latinas in Hollywood and keeping each other sane.

Dania Ramirez swings open the front door to Atlanta’s cavernous Eagle Rock Studios and heaves in a car seat carrying precious cargo — one of her six-week-old twins as her mother, Agueda "Amor" Camacho, rushes in with the other baby. The Dominican actress may be a stunner with a you-gave-birth-how-recently?! physique, but right now she’s as frazzled as any other mujer balancing motherhood and work. Not only does her outfit (sweatpants, Uggs) attest to that, but so does her conversation with her Devious Maids cast mate and fellow mom Ana Ortiz, whom she quickly spots after leaving babies Gaia and John with abuela. As they ready for a wardrobe fitting, Ramirez and Ortiz immediately launch into a chat about 3 a.m. feedings, soiled diapers, and guilt-tripping their mamis into helping them do the dirty work. 

Ramirez and Ortiz laugh and it’s obvious that the two - along with cast mates Judy Reyes, Roselyn Sanchez and Edy Ganem - are more than just colleagues: they’re comadres. After all, in January, all five actresses uprooted their families and took up residence in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur for six months to film the show’s second season. They power through 12-hour workdays together on set; they share meals; compare career notes. 

And then of course there’s that ultimate bonding experience…making television history and weathering a hailstorm of controversy while doing it.

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