EXCLUSIVE: David Lambert Talks 'The Fosters,' Puerto Rican Heritage & More

EXCLUSIVE: David Lambert Talks 'The Fosters,' Puerto Rican Heritage & More

David Lambert was born in Louisiana on November 29, 1992. The 21-year-old actor stars as Brandon Foster on ABC Family's The Fosters -- a drama executively produced by Jennifer Lopez about a multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological kids being raised by two moms.

We caught up with the multitalented actor (Did you know he can play the piano and guitar?) to get the scoop on what's happening with his character on the upcoming episodes; which Latino stars he'd love to work with; chat about his Puerto Rican heritage and more!

Check out our entire interview with David below:

We’ve sort of been torn between you and Callie being together and not being together, so what can expect in the upcoming episodes in terms of Brandon’s relationship with her?

There is definitely going to be more situations that Brandon and Callie will find themselves in. You know it’s always sort of that balance, how close they really get and that struggle stays there. Yeah, you can definitely expect more, I suppose drama. My character Brandon sort of loses his way a bit and ends up sort of going on his own and figuring himself out, and it’s sort of partly because of Callie. At the end of episode 10 she left, so when we come back you’re going to find Brandon sort of distressed and very confused, and that carries him through these next few episodes. He sort of evolves as a person I’d say.

Could you tell us where you think this will leave Jude and Callie as far as their home situation?

It’s going to be a sort of interesting sort of time for everyone because at this point no one really knows why Callie has decided to leave. She just up and left. The only people who understand are Brandon and Jude. So yeah, you’re definitely going to see the family put in a really odd situation and things need to get figured out. It definitely impacts everyone, so you’re going to get to see how it affects everyone.

How is your relationship with the cast off set? Are you guys really close?

Yes we are! We’re actually like, sort of a family off camera as much as we are on, just in a different way. We’re all very close, very silly. It’s all very lively. We try to keep it fun because a lot of the times we’re doing this sort of heavy material and dramatic sort of situations, and we have to keep it light for each other and save each other every so often. It’s a great environment. I love coming to work every day and seeing everybody.

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