EXCLUSIVE: Cierra Ramirez Talks 'The Fosters,' Music, and More!

EXCLUSIVE: Cierra Ramirez

Texas-born starlet Cierra Ramirez has been making waves as Mariana Foster on ABC Family's new hit show, The Fosters.

The 18-year-old Mexican-American belleza is a familar face on the network, having played Kathy on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. You may also recognize Cierra from Girl in Progress, where she played Eva Mendes' daughter, Ansiedad.

We spoke to Cierra to talk about new episodes of The Fosters, her music career, her Mexican background and more. Check it out:

What do you love about playing Mariana?

What I love about playing Mariana has to be her sassiness. She’s very sassy; she’s learning and making mistakes, so along the way her sassiness comes out. She can come off as a little mean, but at the end of the day she does have a big heart. I do love that as well, she does have a very soft side. It’s very fun being able to play two different types of personalities in one.

For a while she was coming across as a bit selfish you could say, do you think she’s learned from all of this?

Definitely! I most definitely think she has learned. Especially since she’s had to deal with everything that happened with her mom getting shot and almost losing her. She’s definitely learning from her mistakes. She learned that getting into contact with her birth mom, Ana, wasn’t the best idea. I mean it was like you said it was selfish, but you also kind of saw the reasoning behind it. It was very innocent. She wanted to know about her background and all that; it just didn’t wind up in her favor.

What are you hoping for Mariana in the upcoming episodes?

I’m hoping that she has learned. I think it would be interesting to have Anna come back. I really wouldn’t want to see Mariana or Jesus stay in contact with her though, because of what she did. But whenever she does come onto the show, she does stir up some trouble, so I think that would be a really cool reason to bring her back.

Mariana had her quinceañera earlier in the season. What are some of your favorite Latin traditions?

You know I never had a quinceañera. I’m not very traditional, I have to say. But I got to live vicariously through Mariana. It was so much fun. I have taken part in the court in a lot of my cousins and friends quinceañeras, though, so that was really fun to live through that.

That particular episode was the same time Mariana found out about Jesus and Lexi, but Lexi has this whole other major situation. Are we going to see more about her and the immigration issue in these later episodes?

Definitely. They won’t ever just not touch on that point again. You’ll see how that all comes into play. I don’t want to give too much away. Just know they won’t leave that alone.

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