Christina Milian Talks New FUN Program, Wedding Plans & Raising Her Daughter!

Christina Milian Talks New FUN Program, Wedding Plans & Raising Her Daughter Violet!
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Christina Milian has a lot on her plate. Working on music, a reality show, wedding planning and more, the cubana is definitely one busy mujer – but she always makes time for family. That’s why she’s partnered with Kimberly-Clark – the company behind brands like Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kleenex and more – for a new family-focused campaign.

The “celebrate Family UNity” or “FUN” program centers around inspiring families to become even closer. Now through July 20, you can log on to and customize a family song by picking your beat (yep, there’s a Latin one) and answering preguntas based on your family. And for California residents there’s an extra-special treat: your family could win a recording session with Milian!

We caught up with the performer to talk about the program, her daughter Violet, and how wedding planning is going. Read on for more!

What made you want to get involved in this Family UNity campaign with Kimblerly-Clark?

I think what makes me want to get involved is because, you know, family unity means everything to me. I'm very deeply rooted in family. It’s a pride thing. I want to pass that [family unity importance] on to my daughter and I like to find really fun ways to do that – it doesn't have to be so serious. So Kimberly-Clark actually developed family unity programs to really help motivate and inspire the families to come closer together and really give them fun ways to drive their family pride. One of the parts of the program is going to the website and customizing their own personal family fun song, it's really cute. They get to record a song [and for California residents] it's submitted for this great competition they also have the opportunity to record a song with me.

What do you love most about this project?

I have a lot of respect for Kimberly-Clark and their umbrella of what their brand is. It's all stuff we all use in our own homes so I'm really happy to collaborate with this company. I know where I came from and I value a lot of my upbringing from my mom and my dad and what they did for us. These days, the world is so fast-paced. I think it's important to find activities and things to do that's going to make it fun for you to be together, even it fits for a short period of time, you know?

Do you and your daughter often sing together?

Yeah, we sing pretty often, Violet has always been a musical child since early on. I used to play her music when she was in my stomach and then when she was born, I would find the [instrumental] versions of songs that I liked [and play those]. She falls asleep to music, she sings to music all the time and she's a  very melodic child so we sing a lot together.

Sometimes kids sing reprises of the craziest or funniest songs. Is there any song that Violet keeps singing over and over again?

She's super into the movie Frozen. So she's into "Let It Go" and "Do You Want To Build a Snowman?" And so those are her two songs that she's belting out in the middle of the car. She doesn't let me sing the songs with her though, she'll make me think I'm allowed to sing it with her at first, then she'll tell me after "no it's my turn!" and I can't sing anymore!

You guys post the cutest Instagram pictures! Is she camera shy at all? Do you think she'll ever get into acting or singing?

Possibly, I think she's a natural, she loves seeing me on TV. And when she sees me on TV, she says “I want to see myself on TV” [but] as far as it being a career move, [we’ll see]. I'm sure some day she'll realize exactly what it is she wants to do. But for me, at her age, I knew I wanted to do this. But I'll let her [decide]. It'll be her time at the right time. I want her being a normal child for as long as possible.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned in terms of parenting throughout the years?

You do have to make sure you are the parent in the relationship. Because a lot of the times, it's hard to, especially when you have one child, it's kind of hard to put your foot down every now and then. But sometimes you have to, you have to give them a time out and make sure that they recognize, especially at this stage now, who's the parent and who's the child. She’s four years old, so she's developing her own thinking [and] she's testing things out to see how it goes so I'm making sure I'm prepared for her test.

You're engaged to Jas Prince — any wedding bells in the near future?

We are engaged but I'm not working on them wedding anytime soon. It's just really career-based right now since I have a lot on my plate with being a mom, we're filming a reality show right now, working on my music. I just don't want to be stressed out trying to plan this wedding and I don't believe you have to rush it. It'll come at the right time.

What's next for you project-wise?

Next up for me is I'll be releasing a single called “Video Model” and we’re shooting a music video for that soon. My new show on E! A docu-series with my family is also filming, with my mom and with my sisters and everybody. 

Anything else you'd love to share about the program? 

Don't think it's only in English, it's also in Spanish! We've done a very bilingual situation with the song and all families should give it a try, it's a lot of fun and I know with the Latino culture, family is our pride. It’s what we put first, so this is a great experience to be able to let loose and have fun!

Record your song and enter the contest at