EXCLUSIVE: Christian Serratos Talks 'The Walking Dead,' Beauty Must-Haves & More!

Christian Serratos at The Lone Ranger premiere
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Christian Serratos recently joined the cast of AMC's The Walking Dead, taking on the role of Rosita Espinosa. The 23-year-old actress, who is best known for her role as Angela in the Twilight series, says the new role represents who she is more so than her Twilight character.

We caught up with Christian to get the scoop on her character, what it was like coming on to an established show, snag beauty tips and more! Check out our entire exclusive with the gorgeous Mexicana below:

Love that you’re on The Walking Dead now! Tell us more about your character Rosita Espinosa.

From what I’ve learned so far and what I’m trying to bring to her is her sassiness, her confidence and her desire to survive and do everything she can and learn everything she can from Abraham Ford [to survive] and to keep Eugene alive because that’s essentially her mission right now. Everybody needs something to hold on to keep them going in this, like, apocalypse now and that’s kind of her drive right now.

We heard she’s not exactly like her character in the comics. Is that true?

I don’t really know that she’s not. If she isn’t, then that’s a question for the writers and what not. There are some things that I don’t even get to know about. But I’ve tried to keep her as close to the comics as I can because that’s my only point of reference. I know that she’s very strong and she’s very sassy. So that’s what I’m trying to hold onto as much as I can to make the fans happy.

Okay, cool. Well, the apocalypse began almost two years ago now. Can you tell us what Rosita was doing before she meets up with the group?

Yeah, I talked a lot [about it] with Scott Gimple who kind of had his idea of where she was and who she was before the apocalypse, and so I picked his brain about it a little bit. He imagined that she’s probably always been very strong and very tough. He said that he imagined that she probably had a family of just all men – that she had a lot of brothers and a father. And I know that she’s from Houston, so she probably lost her family at some point, which is why she bonds well with men now in the apocalypse because she had a family of all men. And maybe she keeps trying to find more men to protect her until she inevitably finds Abraham who she does actually fall for.

So would you say even though she’s this strong woman, she’s male dependent in a sense?

Yeah I don’t think it’s so much that she’s dependent. I think that she’s very capable and very independent on her own, but I think she’s smart. And she realizes what she can’t do, they can. So she needs force. She needs men. She needs strength. So she just bonds herself with people that she knows have those muscles.

Okay, interesting. Will viewers get a chance to see how she wound up with Abraham and Eugene before meeting with Glenn and the others?

Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t even thought about that. But it might actually be something cool to happen in the future, and it might already be in the works.

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