Documentary at Sundance Showcases Cesar Chavez's Legacy to a New Generation

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This year's Sundance Film Festival gave attendees a glimpse into the legacy of Cesar Chavez.

“I think his story has been largely overlooked in the larger American narrative,” said Richard Ray Perez, director of the documentary Cesar's Last Fast, according to Fox News Latino.

Cesar's Last Fast showcases how Chavez went from an ordinary farm worker to a labor leader and civil rights advocate, and created a movement that fought for better working conditions for farm laborers. It focuses on Chavez's second fast, which lasted 36 days in the summer of 1988.

According to Fox News Latino, Perez feels presenting Cesar's Last Fast at Sundance marks a general shift in American culture towards recognizing Latino history.

“I describe it as sort of a dam," Perez said of bringing to documentary to Sundance. "You can no longer hold back the power of our stories and that our stories are also American stories. I think screening at Sundance and premiering here is an acknowledgment of the universal themes and the universality of Cesar’s leadership.”

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