Daddy’s Girls: 8 Celebrity Papis and Their Daughters

Are you a daddy's girl? There's no shame in admitting that you love cuddling up to your papá...and dads, don't be afraid to admit that you can't say no to your adorable little girls! These 8 celebrity papás are in love with their hijas, and their daughters love them right back: 


1. Mario Lopez & Gia

Mario Lopez and Gia

Caution, boys! If you want to date little Gia in 10 or 20 years time, you’re going to have to follow the rules. Mario Lopez posted this adorable picture of him cradling his three-year-old daughter, and donning a shirt with a frightening warning to any potential suitors. 

2. Francia Raisa and El Cucuy

Francia Raisa and El Cucuy

Many people don’t know that successful actress Francia Raisa is the daughter of SoCal’s mega Latin radio personality, El Cucuy. Despite growing up with a famous papá, Raisa insists she had a very normal upbringing. In fact, her stage name (Raisa is her middle name) was all part of her father’s plan. “My dad said when I was born, he gave me the name Francia Raisa because he knew that I was going to be a star. So, I really wanted to keep that. I love my last name, but I just  adore Francia Raisa, and I want to keep my father’s wishes!” So cute! We love that her papá has always believed in her so much.

3. Nicole RIchie and LIonel Richie

Lionel Richie and Nicole

Nicole Richie isn’t shy about expressing her affection for her pops, Lionel Richie. On Father’s Day in 2013, she posted an intimate shot of her father planting a big smooch on her cheek. “In honor of Fathers Day, I let L-Train be on an episode of #CandidlyNicole,” she wrote. 


4. Diego Luna and Fiona

Diego Luna and Fiona

It’s clear that Mexican actor, producer, and director Diego Luna is crazy about his daughter, three-year-old Fiona.  He told Parade that fatherhood was the most incredible experience of all. “It’s a love that people tell you about,” he says. “You read about it. You think you know what it is. You think you know how it’s going to feel. And then, phew, when it happens, you realize there’s no way to predict this. It’s so unique, so perfect.” Judging by the way Fiona cuddles into her daddy, we’re betting she’s pretty crazy about him, too!

5. Juan Pablo Galavis and Camila

Juan Pablo Galavis and Camila

Ok, so Juan Pablo Galavis has said some things that we absolutely don’t agree with, but there’s one thing that we believe The Bachelor completely right about -- his love for his daughter, Camila. El Bachelor actually cannot stop talking about his little girl, and we’re pretty convinced that Camila is equally fond of her papá. 

6. Aaron Diaz and Erin

Aaron Diaz and Erin

How cute are Aaron Diaz and his baby girl, Erin? The Mexican actor frequently posts adorable snapshots and videos of his gorgeous daughter, and she always looks incredibly happy to be spending time with her papá! 

7. Marc Anthony and Emme

Marc Anthony and Emme

Despite his many failed romances, Marc Anthony has always taken his relationship with his children very seriously. "I'm always going to be a daddy," he told Nightline. "[Max and Emme] are used to be traveling and we Skype all of the time. We try to maintain that presence." His five-year-old daughter, Emme, is definitely fond of her papá — and it's clear that Marc adores his little princess!

8. Matt Damon and Daughters

Matt Damon and Isabella, Gia, Stella, and Alexia

Matt Damon is blessed with three daughters and one stepdaughter…and he even admits that they're all daddy's girls! "Lucy (his wife Luciana Barroso) and the girls can definitely bring me to my knees," he says. "They just know. My wife gives me sh*t because it's harder for me to discipline my girls, probably because they're girls…Growing up, girls are so mysterious to us. Even as a grown man, they remain mysterious."