Casper Smart Denies Cheating On Jennifer Lopez With Transgender Model

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez at the Billboard Music Awards
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Did Casper Smart cheat on Jennifer Lopez with a transgender model? He's finally clearing up the rumors.

The Sun recently ran a story about a transgender model named Xristina Marie who claimed she hooked up with Smart, 27, after "locking eyes" with him in a Miami, Florida nightclub.

"I was in a club, and Casper was smiling and being flirty," she said. "Then a few days after that I got a friend request from him on Instagram." The model alleges that she and Smart exchanged text messages and sexy pictures.

However, Lopez's former flame says Marie's story is 100% untrue. 

"There is no truth to any meeting or physical encounter," Smart told US Weekly. "I am weighing my options on the appropriate action to take against Xristina Marie and/or The Sun."

Marie is not the first transgender model to claim to have been in contact with Smart while he was dating Lopez, 44. Sources claim that Smart also exchanged racy photos and messages with Sofie Vissa. 

Regardless of whether or not these rumors are true, one thing is certain: Smart and Lopez announced their separation just days after these stories were published. However, sources claim that the split was amicable and had nothing to do with the alleged cheating scandal.

Neither Smart nor Lopez have spoken publicly about the breakup, although the dancer confirmed the separation when he moved out of JLo's Los Angeles mansion last weekend.