EXCLUSIVE: Carlos PenaVega Talks Life after Big Time Rush & 'WebHeads'

EXCLUSIVE: Carlos PenaVega
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Carlos PenaVega (formerly Carlos Pena, Jr.) is living a brand new life! The 24-year-old star of Spanish, Venezuelan, and Dominican descent has bid farewell to his days with Big Time Rush and has landed a new gig with his Nickelodeon family -- hosting the network's newest game show, WebHeads. But that's not all, PenaVega experienced another life-altering moment: Marrying fellow actress, Alexa Vega.

We caught up with PenaVega to talk about what life post-Big Time Rush, WebHeads, his Latin music project, and more. Check it all out in our exclusive interview below:

So congratulations, you’re married now! The last time we spoke you weren’t even engaged.

I’m married; it’s been five months. [I’m] still alive [and] life is good.

That’s great! What were the fans reactions like when they found out that you tied the knot?

You know, we did it in Mexico and we literally had like 300 Mexican fans outside of the hotel. They were all really awesome and supportive, and they watched the whole ceremony. It was kind of crazy, but still awesome.

Oh wow, that is awesome. What’s one thing you’ve learned since becoming a married man?

Well, one thing I’ve definitely learned is that you need to be patient and you must always say yes to your wife or else you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

“Happy wife, happy life,” that’s the motto.

Happy wife. Happy, and you know what, it is very true. It is very true.

Glad you agree! Big Time Rush is over, sadly.

Yes ma’am.

What has life been like since it all ended?

Life’s been great. I’ve just been working, trying to find my next venture.

Cool. Do you still get to hang out with Kendall, James, and Logan?

Yeah, yeah, we hang out here and there. We’re all kind of doing our own thing right now. James is working on some other show, Logan is doing auditions like crazy, Kendall’s been working on music, and we don’t have time to see each other much, but we definitely text and check up on one another throughout the weeks.

So you mentioned that you’ve just been working, can you tell us a bit about your latest projects?

I just shot a game show for Nickelodeon called WebHeads that I hosted, and it was awesome. It actually premieres June 2, which is very exciting! And I’m just looking forward to see how the fans react to that.

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