Cameron Diaz Talks Vagina Health: "It's hungry!"

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No topic is off-limits to Cameron Diaz as she proved on a recent episode of Chelsea Lately. 

The cubana has been open in the past about her bowel movements, her pubic hair preferences, and more. Now, she's turning her attention to vaginal health. 

According to E! News, the 41-year-old stopped by the show on Monday to talk to host Chelsea Handler about her latest project, The Body Book

"I'm a science nerd," Diaz said. "I like to know why things work the way they do. I thought that the body was probably the most important thing to understand how it works since we all have one, and we don't really know that much about it."

After teasing Handler about her diet and physique, Diaz discussed the dangers of habitual smoking and consuming sugar-free soda. "Nothing's for free," she warned. "My mama taught me that real early."

Then -- she launched into a discussion about vaginal health. 

"We think the vagina is on the outside. I say grab a mirror and play along. Get in there!" She added, "Learn about it. You're supposed to treat it like the beautiful flower that is, the delicate flower it is. And you're supposed to nurture it in all the ways that it needs nurturing."

"So, in essence," Handler said. "We should be watering it."

"Yes, watering it. Fertilizing it. It needs nourishment," Diaz responded. "It's hungry!" 

We love that Cameron is so open about her body -- especially since she looks so great! 

Watch the hilarious interview below: 

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