Cameron Diaz Became A Fitness Icon “By Accident”

Cameron Diaz Became A Fitness Icon “By Accident.”
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Admit it: Cameron Diaz is your body crush. The 41-year-old is known for her rocking body and intense fitness routines, but the Cuban-American claims it was all an “accident.”

“I fell into fitness by accident,” she tells SELF Magazine. “But it’s become something I depend on physically and emotionally. I feel so much more empowered now.”

In fact, she’s spreading her feeling of empowerment to other women through her new project The Body Book, a self-help book which delves into the reasons behind why she looks and feels so amazing.

“I love the science of the body, and I love to give information and see people utilize it in their own lives,” Diaz says. “I want to know that it’s never too late to start paying attention to their bodies.”

In fact, Diaz wasn’t always so conscious of her health and fitness. The former fitness used to have a different outlook towards her diet, and admits she used to down two Taco Bell bean burritos a day. 

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