Scary! Brazilian Bobsled Team In Airborne Crash

Brazil Women's Bobsled Team in Sochi
Getty Images

Ay dios mio! 

The women's round of bobsledding at the 2014 Sochi Olympics experienced a bit of drama when the Brazilian bobsled team gathered too much speed as they came around the corner of a track. 

According to FanSidedFabiana Santos and Sally Mayara da Silva hit the lip of the track and lifted off the ice momentarily, causing a terrifying crash to take place. As the bobsled caught air, it overcompensated and landed on its right side. The two-women team had their heads smashed into the frozen wall of track.

Fortunately (and shockingly!) both women came out of the bobsled crash completely uninjured, and were able to complete their run today - although they finished 18th out of 19 competitors. 

We're glad to hear that these ladies are doing okay! Watch a clip of the scary crash: