Bianca Del Rio on Winning 'RuPaul's Drag Race', Fidel Castro & What's Next

Bianca Del Rio celebrates after being declared the winner of season six of 'RuPaul's Drag Race'
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It's been a crazy, busy couple of weeks for America's newest drag superstar, Bianca Del Rio (Roy Haylock), winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season six. An early fan favorite for his wittiness, sass and flawless looks, Haylock chats with us on his win and what's next:

Has it hit you yet? That you're America's favorite drag queen?

No, it hasn't hit yet. I've been in New York for the past few days, which has been quite magical to be home for a minute. It hasn't registered yet, you know it's still kind of a whirlwind. Amazing thing about the show is, we filmed the show a long time ago and then we did the finale which brought up all these new emotions and feelings, and takes you back, and its whip bam boom, you're back in reality. So it'll slowly sink in, maybe once I cash the check.

How did you feel you were portrayed on the show?

I take full responsibility for everything I said and did, good and bad, and I think it would be very hypocritical of me to complain about editing or moments. Twelve and 14 hour days, I knew it was going to be edited. I knew if you cried, they were gonna use it; I knew if you screamed they were gonna use it. I have no problem with it, it's what you do, and I think that people that do complain about it are assholes. It's a reality show, they're going to use what they gotta use. 

How did you keep all that sass flowing?

You're there and people test you patience. Like I said before, it's 12 to 14 hour days, so you might see me jump a lot quicker than you normally would. But after 3 hours of Laganja crying, I had enough, where as, you might've seen 13 minutes of it, so it varies. You have all these people in a room, and it's sink or swim.

What advice would you give drag queens starting out today?

Don't do it! [laughs] No, [just] find what works for you in drag. It's crazy because there is no right path, there is no answer that is going to be the best thing. Do what you do, be true to yourself and find what works for you. Its all there for the taking, so create your own world.

And you're Cuban and Honduran, how connected are you with your Latin culture? 

Well if you have Latin parents, you know. there's no choice [laughs] it is what it is. My mom is from Cuba and my dad from Honduras, but I grew up in New Orleans and definitely grew up with it and it's still apart of my life now. But I haven't visited Honduras or Cuba EVER…and I'm not friends with Fidel, but now that I won Drag Race maybe he'd let me come. He let Beyonce go so maybe he'll let me go. 

Do you have a favorite dish from either?

I love arroz con pollo, I do love that, but with everything else, eh it varies. There's a great lite fare across from my apartment called Empanada Mama and it's quite fierce. It's open 24 hours, it's genius.

Then along with touring and cruises coming up, you have plans for a new cabaret act coming?

Yeah, I'm working on it. Writing that now and hope to do it in the fall, which is my next big thing to do.

Thinking of working with the other queens from the show?

Not necessarily. I mean I wouldn't be against it, there's some of them that I liked and I think they are very talented. The show I'm working on is just about me, alone, but maybe through a video, cause it's cheaper. 

Anything else to share?

I'm working on this movie, you can go to to find the information, and then I'm working on my show, which more dates will be appearing on, and stay tuned, there's lot to happen and lots to come!