Benicio Del Toro Teams Up With White House For Campaign Against Sexual Assault

Benicio del Toro attends the 'Jimmy P: Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian' premiere during the 51st New York Film Festival
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The White House has enlisted the help of several male celebrities for a new public service campaign aimed at stopping sexual asasult on college campuses. 

Benicio Del Toro joins President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and celebrities Steve Carell, Daniel Craig, Seth Meyers and Dulé Hill to talk candidly about the problem of sexual assault, and the role men play in stopping the violence. 

ABC News reports that the PSA was unveiled during a White House event introducing new guidelines for college campuses to help curb sexual assault. "No man has a right ever to raise his hand to a woman period. It is sexual assault if they do," Biden said at the event. "We almost always ask the wrong questions when it comes to sexual assault. We continue to ask questions like 'What were you wearing? What did you say? What did you do?"

"The real question," he continued. "Is that made him think that he had the right to do what he did?" 

This revolutionary new campaign focuses on curbing victim-blaming mentalities and on stopping sexual assault once and for all. 

Watch the PSA below, and be sure to share this important message with your friends and family.