Don’t Believe Everything You Hear: Audio Experts Say Jenni Rivera Was Not Warned of Death at Last Concert

Jenni Rivera arrives at the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2012
Getty Images

Since Jenni Rivera’s tragic death in 2012, there has been speculation about whether or not it was truly an accident.

Last week, this theory was supported after a video made the rounds that featured a voice allegedly saying “today they kill her” during Rivera’s last concert. This week it’s a whole different story with audio experts saying that the voice heard at the 2:20 mark has been manipulated.

Audio engineers say that at a concert it would be difficult to hear one voice above the rest, especially one that sounds so clearly. By comparing audio from this video to others from the same concert, the experts were able to dispute the validity of the video.

According to Ideal, one expert said, “Once I cleaned up the recording, I could hear the room where it was recorded.”

Another backed up his claims by saying, “With today’s technology, anyone can insert a recording with anything, just as they did with the video that says ‘today they kill her.’ You can mix it with the surrounding noise for something that sounds very credible.”

One of the most puzzling things about the recording is that the video is not new.

It was released in 2012, just a few days after her death. Three months ago someone pointed out that a threat could be heard against La Diva de la Banda, but it didn’t become popular until just last week. On top of that, Tito Torbellino’s murder in late May has brought renewed attention to the increasing death rate of those tied to the Mexican drug war, Huffington Post notes. Reports have alleged that Rivera worked as a performer for drug cartels before her death.

Rivera’s family has also denied that the video is real. Rosa Saavedra says she knows her daughter had no enemies. Pedro Rivera also spoke up and said they will be looking for who is responsible for the recording.

“We’re going to look for the person responsible. In today’s day, you can do many things with technology, even though we don’t understand the objective or motive for their actions,” he said. “This went through the account of someone who has negative intentions against the Riveras. We will be launching an investigation.” 

What do you think of the video? Conspiracy theory, or could it possibly be true?