EXCLUSIVE: Angie Martinez Talks Balancing Life as a Working Mom & 'This is Hot 97'

Angie Martinez attends the TopSpin 2012 charity event
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Known as "The Voice of New York," Angie Martinez got her start in radio at the age of 16 answering hot lines at Hot 97, the radio station she still calls home today.

The 43-year-old radio personality has an established successful career and the #1 radio show on the airwaves! We stopped by Hot 97 to pay Angie a visit and talk VH1's new reality show This is Hot 97, get the scoop on her cookbook project, snag tips for young Latinos who hope to achieve a career in her field, and more.

Check out our entire interview with the incredible Hot 97 host below:

Let's talk This is Hot 97 -- we've tuned in and have to say, it's been fun and entertaining to watch. What were your first thoughts when they came in and announced they'd be doing a reality show surrounding Hot 97?

I was not interested in doing any type of reality show. I mean, I watch them, it’s like a guilty pleasure! We all do. But I didn’t want to participate in anything that was, you know, out of character. I think people expect a certain amount of quality and stuff from us. And I just think we all felt like we didn’t want to sell the brand out just to do some reality show that was controversial and whatever. So we all said, “No.” Then they convinced us that we could just be ourselves and they thought we were funny for some reason. [Laughs]. So they were like, “You can just be funny and light and goodhearted, and that would be okay.” So we were all like, “Cool! Let’s rock!” After that, we were all onboard. But originally we were like, you hear reality show and you know what people think it is. So we were all a little worried about that.

Okay. So we hear they call you "Mother Hen," why is that exactly?

I don’t know why. Do they call me that or was it just that one time? I don’t know if that’s a regular thing. But you know, besides Flex, I’ve been here the longest. I definitely like things a certain way, but at the same time, I like to help people. I think Laura [Stylez]’s probably the newest and I think she’s amazing. So when she’s trying to find her way or figure something out, I enjoy being able to help her through some of the waters that I’ve already had to navigate.

That's great. And how have things changed here? You’ve been here for so long. You’ve seen so many...

Evolutions of it. Yeah, it’s different. Like I said there’s been many of evolutions of it – just tons of personalities. What I think about now is that everybody on the team is good, really good. And they get along well. There have been times where one person didn’t get along with this person or whatever, but I think that we have a real solid team right now. We’re also all to the point where we’re confident enough to be silly – like to have a show like this and be ridiculous and silly and fun and not take ourselves that seriously. You know, you have to be at a certain point of comfort to be able to do that with people. So I like it. I like where we’re at.

Okay, that's good! So you were cohosting The View this morning. How does it feel to be doing that on-camera as opposed to being behind-the-scenes here where nobody sees you?

It used to be a challenge, but I’ve been doing some correspondent work for EXTRA. I was telling somebody earlier it’s like a different skill set. Like this [radio] is second nature for me at this point. I still love doing it, but it’s definitely second nature. Whereas, doing something like EXTRA, it’s like developing a different craft. It’s different when you’re trying to get something out of somebody quickly as opposed to a casual, sit-down interview – this is my pace, my tone. When you’re doing something like that, it’s a different skill set. It's the same thing with The View -- it’s a different skill set. So today was a challenge for me and I love that. They said they were going to have me back on and I can’t wait!

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