Juan Pablo Dissed In Newest Poster For "The Bachelorette"

Juan Pablo Disses In Newest Poster For "The Bachelorette"

Ouch! Season 18 of The Bachelor is finally over, but the jokes about Juan Pablo Galavis are still coming. 

Andi Dorfman is shown dissing Galavis in the newest poster for The Bachelorette, which premieres on ABC on Monday, May 19.

The poster reads, "She's looking for the right one." However, "one" is written in red after the word "Juan" has been crossed out. 

Fans shouldn't be too surprised by the cheeky poster, given Dorfman's infamous exit fromThe Bachelor. After making it to the top three, the lawyer broke it off with Galavis after spending alone time with him in the fantasy suite, which she described as a "nightmare." She called his behavior "inappropriate" and "offensive," before saying there's a difference between being "honest" and "being an asshole."

The newest Bachelorette isn't letting her terrible experience with El Bachelor dampen her expectations from her new reality show. "I'm looking to find that great love," she said. "I have a great life. I just don't have anyone to spend it with."

What do you think of this poster? Cheeky or rude?