World Cup 2014: 9 Terms To Know

Haven't watched a game of futbol since the last World Cup? No worries. Before the games kick off in Brazil on June 12, brush up on your soccer knowledge and impress your friends with these nine terms:

1. Brazuca

Brazuca (noun)

The ball for the World Cup, made by Adidas.


2. Pelé

Pelé (person)

A Brazilian who's widely regarded as the greatest football player in history. He will likely be an important part of the tournament.

3. Nutmeg

Nutmeg (verb)

When a player kicks the ball between another player's legs. 

4. Chilena

Chilena (noun)

Not a person, but an overhead kick. 

5. Pitch

Pitch (noun)

The field. 

6. Cuauhtemiña

Cuauhtemiña (verb)

Named for Mexican player Cuauhtémoc Blanco, it's when a player grabs the ball between his feet and hops over defenders. 

7. Group of Death

Group of Death (noun)

When a four-team group has three (or four!) great teams in it, and only two can advance. This year, it's Group D, with Uruguay, England, Italy and Costa Rico, and Group G, with the USA, Germany, Portugal and Ghana.


8. Maradona

Maradona (person) 

Argentina's most legendary player, and at one time their national team's coach.

9. Offside

Offside (noun)

When an attacking player is closer to the other team's goal than both the ball and one other of the opposing team's players (aside from the keepers.)