Your Last Chance to See Julie Gonzalo in ABC's "Eli Stone"

Want to get ‘stoned’ one more time? You’re in luck! Beginning this Saturday, June 20 at 10/9c, ABC will be airing the final 4 episodes of the Johnny Lee Miller drama Eli Stone, which was cancelled back in November due to low ratings. The show, by Executive Producer, Greg Berlanti (Everwood, Brothers & Sisters) also stars the beautiful and talented Julie Gonzalo, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The actress, 27, earned the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series ALMA Award in 2008 for her tender and endearing portrayal of lawyer Maggie Dekker, a smart and kind attorney who wears her heart on her sleeve (and her sleeve reads: “I love Eli Stone!”).

The final four episodes, which will air on consecutive Saturdays, finish out the second season of a show that struggled right out of the gate. The plot, which revolves around a lawyer (Miller) with a brain aneurysm who might also be a prophet (he has hallucinations of George Michael dancing in his living room), may have been too strange and quirky for American audiences. Still, ABC knows that the show, (like their other cancelled series Pushing Daisies) has a loyal fan base, and they don’t want to piss viewers off by not giving it proper sendoff.

If I decide to tune in, it will only be for Gonzalo, an up-and-coming actress who is always on her A-game, whether she’s starring on TV shows like Stone and Veronica Mars (where she played Parker Lee), or in movies like Freaky Friday and Dodgeball. I’m just hoping that Maggie and Eli finally get together in the series finale on July 11. I think they’re one of TV’s cutest couples, and I felt really bad for Maggie when she professed her love for Eli, only to have the object of her affection admit that he’s just not that into her.

So I remind you, this is your last chance to see Julie on Eli Stone. Will you be tuning in?

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Watch this clip of Maggie telling Eli she loves him: