Who Should Play Eva Longoria Parker's Niece on "Desperate Housewives"?

Pretty soon, Eva Longoria Parker’s Gabrielle Solis wont be the only Latina on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Word on Wisteria Lane is that Gaby’s niece—a 16-year-old named Ana—will be introduced sometime in the last few episodes of this season and join the show as a series regular next season.

Here’s what we know about Ana so far: She is described as funny and sexy, but also sneaky and disrespectful. She’s also said to be very similar to Gaby when she was a teenager, but the two don’t exactly get along. (Note: None of the mystery-plots on Housewives has ever revolved around Gaby and Carlos, but something tells me Ana is about to change that).

As soon I heard the news about Ana, I started to think about my dream casting choice for the role, and I came up with a few viable young actresses who would be perfect:

1. Daniella Alonso

You might remember Daniella from One Tree Hill, where she played bisexual Latina Anna Taggaro for 11 episodes in 2005, or for her role as Carlotta Alonso on Friday Night Lights. Either way, the Peruvian-Puerto Rican American beauty has both the acting chops and sex appeal to channel a younger Eva Longoria. My only concern is that she seems inexperienced at comedy, and DH is a show that constantly blends drama and humor. Can she bring the funny?

2. Freida Pinto

Before you call me a traitor for considering a non-Latina for this role, hear me out. We all know this Slumdog Millionaire star is a true beauty—even George Clooney’s crushing on her—but she’s also got a sly-fox streak which would work well on a mystery drama like DH. Yes, she’s 24, but she can easily pass for a 16-year-old (this is TV, after all). And if those reasons aren’t enough to convince you, you should also know that Pinto is a trained salsa dancer. C’mon people—she’s even down with our cultura!

3. April Lee Hernandez

I haven’t seen April Lee Hernandez in anything since her starring role as real-life California teenager Eva Benitez in Freedom Writers (2007). But that's not because she stopped working—everything she's been in has just sucked, big time! Still, Hernandez showed great dramatic range in this film opposite Hillary Swank, which is why I think she’d shine in a TV drama.

4. Alexa Vega

Colombian actress Alexa Vega was supposed to make it big after her film Spy Kids came out in 2001, but that never happened (Repo the Genetic-qué?). Maybe what she needs to do is switch to TV and play a bad girl who wears sexy outfits and too much makeup. Where on earth can she find such a role? I wonder...

Tell me: Who do you think should play Eva's niece on Desperate Housewives?