"SYTYCD" Alum Janette Manrara Talks About Falling in Love With Jason Glover

Last week, SYTYCD alum Janette Manrara updated her Facebook status to say: “In a Relationship with Jason Glover,” and her fans went nuts! We were also thrilled to learn that Janette and Jason are a couple, so we called up the 25-year-old Cuban salsa dancer from Miami to get all of the details on her new relationship. In this Vivo Por Tivo exclusive, Janette tells us what she thought of Jason when she first met him, how they ended up becoming more than just friends, what it’s like being on tour with her boyfriend, and how they've already decided on a name for their firstborn son!

What’s it like being on tour with your boyfriend?

Honestly, it’s awesome, because we have each other during those moments when we get frustrated because we miss our family or we miss our friends, or when we’re having a rough show or something. He’s so supportive of me, and I’m supportive of him. We really are like best friends, and that’s kind of what we need more than anything—that comfort of knowing that someone you love so much is there with you.

Your fans on Facebook were stunned, but deliriously happy when you updated your status last week to indicate that you and Jason are officially a couple. When did you first think you had feelings for him?

I broke up with the boyfriend I had a week before Vegas Week, and when I went to Vegas, I remembered Jason from season four. He was there and I guess he was kind of flirting with me, but not really—he was being nice. He thought I was pretty, but nothing happened in Vegas or during the beginning of the show. I think what ignited our flirtation more than anything was when we both got eliminated on the same night. We just thought it was so crazy. And we were really, more than anything, just really good friends, and I just thought he was cute and he thought I was pretty, but it was nothing serious. When we both got eliminated on the same show, I was obviously very sad and depressed and so was he, and the two of us looked at each other and we were like, 'well, lets do something fun.’ We went to Disneyland and spent the day there. Then sparks just kind of started flying after that. Then on the tour we said, 'OK, we really like each other—lets not hide it anymore.'  It’s been slow moving for a while now, and now it’s official.

How’s it going?

I love him and he loves me and he’s proven to me that he’s such an amazing man and person. So we came out to the world and put it on Facebook that we’re together.

You’re from Miami and he’s from California, how will you make it work?

I’m planning to move out to L.A and so is he. We both have two days off [later this week] and we’re here in L.A, so we’re going to look for apartments and we’re going to be neighbors. We’re going to be right by each other.

If you and Jason have kids, what will you name them?

Ooh! Actually, that’s funny that you asked that, because one of the first dates we had, we went to dinner, and I’ve always wanted to name my son a really weird name, and I was like, 'What do you think, you tell me if you like it or not.' And he was like, 'Go for it.’ I’ve always wanted to name my son, Tasiano. It’s really weird, I know. But when I told him I was like, 'I love Tasiano, it’s an Italian name and sounds so intriguing.' Jason died over it. He was like, 'oh my God! That is like the best name I’ve ever heard for a boy, ever.’ I thought it was awesome that he liked it!

Are you having fun on the tour?

A blast! It’s unbelievable to see everybody and how everybody waits outside to get an autograph. It’s kind of crazy! The best part of the tour is when we meet our fans. After the show we have a meet and greet with a couple of them in a private room and then afterwards we go outside for signings, and there are hundreds of people lined up outside. It’s just amazing!

What’s coming up for you after the tour?

I am going to be attending the Busy Feet Foundation show on Nov. 29. I’m not sure if I’m going to be performing yet, but honestly, more than anything, I’m going to spend a lot of December with my family, because it’s been like four months since I’ve seen them. I’m going to go home for Thanksgiving; I’ll fly back to L.A, and then go back home for Christmas.