Spotted: Joanna Garcia Joins “Gossip Girl”

Have you heard el chisme? Gossip Girl is finally going Latin! Joanna Garcia, my favorite Cuban TV actress, is set to star in at least four episodes of the provocative CW show's third season, starting with the Sept. 14 premiere,'s Michael Ausiello is reporting.

Garcia will play Bree Buckley, Nate’s (Chase Crawford’s) not-so-nice, high-maintenance girlfriend and a “Southern girl from a conservative family.” She is also referred to as “an evil Miss America-type.” Did somebody put out a casting call for Carrie Pajean?

I’m so excited to see Joanna as an Upper East Side villain, not only because I love her (and because I think she can nail a character with a mean streak!) but also because she showed so much potential as Megan Smith, the lead in the CW series Privileged, which many think was cancelled way too soon. It's also about damn time Gossip Girl cast a Latina actress after two seasons of Latinos being completely MIA on the show! XOXO, diversity!

What say you, Vivo Por TVians? Do you like Joanna for the role of Nate’s bitchy girlfriend? Are you happy to finally see a Latina on Gossip Girl? Let your voice be heard in the comments!