Spanish L.A. Lakers Player Pau Gasol to Guest Star on "CSI: Miami"

7 foot tall, 250-pound NBA athlete Pau Gasol is set to tower over Eddie Cibrian—and everyone else around him—in the Nov. 16 episode of the CBS crime drama CSI: Miami, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Barcelona-born Power Forward/Center for the L.A. Lakers will guest star in the episode as “a person of interest in the investigation of a terrible car accident.” Gasol, 29, spoke to El Pais about his guest appearance. “I play Victor, a normal person who is involved in a car accident and police are suspicious that I am responsible for what happened. I have good meaty dialogue with an officer.” Uh-oh. It sounds like he might end up behind bars—fictional ones of course.

Gasol is a two-time NBA all-star and a former “Rookie of the Year” (2002). Initially drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2001, he was quickly traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, where he held the record for the most rebounds, free throws and blocked shots. In February of 2008, Gasol was traded to the Lakers. He won his first championship with the Lakers last season when the team (thanks in large part to him) beat the Orlando Magic in the 2009 NBA Finals.

CSI: Miami isn’t the first time Gasol traded his dunking sneakers for acting shoes. He previously guest starred on the CBS drama series Numb3rs in March.

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