"So You Think You Can Dance" Contestant Janette Manrara Sent Home

Last night, after she was (unjustly) booted from Fox's summer dance reality competition, So You Think You Can Dance, my favorite Cuban dancer Janette Manrara, 24, updated her Facebook status  to give a big thank you to the millions of fans who supported her journey from the top 20 to the final 8: "THANK YOU TO ALL MY FANS! I ♥ YOU ALL!!!"

Manrara's departure from SYTYCD this week was the biggest surprise and shock of the show's milestone 100th episode. Even Nigel Lythgoe—the show's equivelent to American Idol's mean judge Simon Cowell—was genuinely sad to see the Salsa queen go. He said that the party was ruined when the voting sent the frontrunner (Manrara) home way too early.

Popular choreographer and SYTYCD judge Mia Michaels was probably equally disappointed by Janette's departure. On Wednesday, when Janette danced in the final 8, Michaels surprised everyone when she announced that Janette was her "favorite" performer and dancer this season—a huge compliment coming from the accomplished Michaels! Actually, she said Janette was her "favorite-favorite-favorite" dancer! Last night was Janette's first time among the show's lowest vote getters.

But Janette wasn't the only one who took to her facebook page last night. Several of her biggest fans visited the social networking site immediately after she was kicked off to show their support for the spicy Cubana. Here are some of my favorite supportive comments:

  • "You are the best by far!! I'm sure there will be a lot of new opportunities for you. Don't forget to keep us updated with ANY Janette news. WE LOVE YOU!!" (Sean Jordan)

  • " I am so sorry... you are the best dancer and the USA knows it... they just want you to move on to some bigger and better... U GO GIRL." (Maria E. Sanchez)

  • "That was a serious case of emotion over talent, but we know who the REAL winner is!!! (Danielle Mcallister-Andrews).

  • "BIG BIG BIG mistake they made!!!!! America got it Totally wrong!!!! Hold your head high girl, you are still THE BEST girl dancer on that show, no doubt!" (Javier Vazquez)

  • "Such a bummer, Janette. There's always Playboy, hint-hint! Miss you!" (Brian Davis).

Oh, Brian, did you have to kill it?

What say you TVians? Were you sad to see Janette go, or was it her time? Dish in the comments!