Shayne Lamas Gets Her Own E! Reality Series

For obvious reasons, it's hard to butt in on bootylicious reality star Kim Kardashian, but that's exactly what Shayne Lamas is trying to do this fall with her new E! reality series, The Lamas Family. Now, I know what you're thinking: who in TV obscurity-hell is Shayne Lamas? Well, the short answer to that question is that she's the 23-year-old daughter of Argentinean actor Lorenzo Lamas, who was famous (in the '80s and early '90s) for his roles as Lance Cumson on Falcon Crest (1981) and Vince Black on Renegade (1992). The longer answer is that Shayne is also an actress and a reality TV star who has appeared on episodes of the long-running soap General Hospital, and clawed her way through cat-fights with 25 girls to win the 12th season winner of ABC's reality competition The Bachelor: London Calling. Her name is actually Shayne Dahl Lamas, which to me sounds an awful lot like Dalai Lama (but lets leave "His Holiness" out of this post about trashy television, shall we?).

Anyhow, the show is E!'s first reality series featuring a Latino family. It will follow the adventures of Shayne and her family members, including her dad Lorenzo, her sister Dakota (a teen-aged aspiring musician ala Ali Lohan), their brother A.J. (a z-list actor known mostly for his good looks, playboy ways and for dating Lindsay Lohan pre-lesbian conversion), as well as Lorenzo's ex-wife Michelle Smith (well, she's one of his ex-wives—he has a couple).

The show was created by Bachelor and High School Reunion creator Mike Fleiss, an hombre who seems to be really obsessed with good-looking people. “This is a perfect family for reality TV. They are fun, funny and damn are they good looking," Fleiss said in a statement. He also took a jab at E!'s favorite reality family, the Kardashians: “Not that the Kardashians aren't good looking," boasted Fleiss, "but the Lamas family is a very good looking family,” he said, adding, “They’re wild, crazy characters, but also very good looking.” Yes, Mike, we get it, but answer us this: are they good looking?

I see good things ahead for this show (including big ratings). Why? Well, they've got at least three hot messes on board (maybe more), and hot messes thrive on E! (see Denise Richards and Kendra Wilkinson). I'm liking Lorenzo's TV potential. After all, he's got six kids with three different women, and two divorces under his belt so far. Meanwhile, A.J. gets hot mess points just for dating Lohan (you are who you hang with, dude!). As for Shayne, I think she has the most potential, especially given her track record with men (she broke up with "The Bachelor," British financier Matt Grant just one month after winning the show), and was later accused of cheating on him, an allegation she fervently denied. "I did not cheat on Matt,” insists Lamas. “I would never, ever cheat on Matt. He was my fiancé.”

What say you Vivo Por TVians: are you excited to see Shayne Dahl Lamas’s new reality show? Should she change her name so it sounds less like Dalai Lama? Who’s hotter, the Lamas family or the Kardashians? Dish in the comments!