Sara Ramirez's New Lesbian Love Interest on "Grey's Anatomy": Hot or Not?

Katharine Heigl and T. R. Knight might be making headlines for their rumored departures on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, but it's Sara Ramirez—as the sexy mexicana lesbiana Callie Torres— who is really holding the attention of Grey's fans these days. And it's for good reason: Ramirez's character has some pretty kickass storylines.

Back in November, Callie ignited a same-sex love affair with Dr. Hahn (Brooke Smith).
which ended abruptly when ABC fired Smith from the show. That move
prompted some viewers to call the network homophobic, though
personally, I think producers just weren't feeling the chemistry
between them. Whatever the reason, people were talking about Sarah
Ramirez, a lot!

Grey's finally returned with new episodes in January, and fans seem to be digging Callie's new love
interest on the show, a pediatric surgeon who is stupidly named Arizona
but played by Jessica Capshaw, who has much better chemistry with
Ramirez than Smith had.

Arizona/Jessica made her debut on January 8,
but it took several weeks for her to share a first kiss with Callie (watch their
bathroom makeout session below). Now it looks like things are
about to get serious between the two, because on last Thursday's episode, Callie felt the need to reach out to Dios himself for guidance. Here's the gist of her prayer, which you can also watch in the second clip below:

"Dear God, I need your guidance. I kissed a pediatric surgeon. I never
thought I'd end up with a woman, God—I mean, not until lately—but
that's not the problem. She's perky. And has butteflies on her scrub
cap...but she's also hot. I mean, really hot. So help me get over the
butterflies? Amen."

While this week's episode of Grey's won't revolve around Ramirez and her new love interest, you can be sure the next few weeks will deliver plenty of pivotal scenes (and yes, most likely some lip-locking action) between one of TV's sexiest new couples.

What do you think of Sara Ramirez's character on Grey's? And what do you make of her new girlfriend—hot or not? You decide…

WATCH: Callie and Arizona's first kiss

WATCH: Callie prays for guidance