Sara Paxton Gets Her Beautiful Life Back on Track

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Six months after the CW abruptly pulled the plug on her series, The Beautiful Life, after just two episodes, Mexican Actress Sara Paxton is back on the big screen in a major way. The gorgeous actress has been cast in four (count em, FOUR!) movies, which she will be busy filming over the next seven months.

This morning, Sara flew out to JFK airport in New York to film what I’m told is an “amazing project” called Enter Nowhere. A source close to Vivo Por Tivo raved about the film, calling it “a total festival film that’s very Twilight Zone-esque.” The premise for the movie, says the source, “is that four total strangers find themselves stranded in a cabin in a deserted forest and must band together to survive—whether they like it or not.”

Sara called me up on her way to a table read and told me she’s very excited about filming the movie. “I’ve worked with the director before on a play that I did when I was a little kid, and I guess he had me in mind for the part. It’s a really great script. The character is somebody that I’ve never played before—she’s like this badass girl who robs 711’s, WalMart’s, and little establishments. I was really excited to do something different!” she says.

Following Enter Nowhere, Paxton will shoot the feature film Riddle, in April, a movie about a town taken over by evil. And in June, she will shoot the comedy, Damaged Goods with Desperate Housewives hunk James Denton. She gave me the 411 on that project as well: “It’s a romantic comedy about a cowboy who meets a girl and they fall in love when they shouldn’t,” she says. James Denton has a daughter and I play her friend who's a little psychotic. She’s trying to seduce James and thinks they’re going to get married and have kids. She’s super funny, and she’s kind of like this delusional high school girl!”

In the fall, she’ll go to work on a project called Tabitha Brown, an indie that co-stars famous British actress Lena Headley. I’m told the film is like Heathers meets Monster (sounds good, right?). But the whole thing is very top secret!

It looks like Sara came out a winner in this whole Beautiful Life debacle. Too bad we can’t say the same for the CW, the network that chose to neglect promoting Paxton’s show in favor of Melrose Place (which, if you haven’t heard is on the verge of cancellation). Asked if she’s still upset about the CW’s decision to cancel TBL, Sara said, “We’ve all so moved on. Everything has been really great. I got back to L.A. and the whole cast was still friends, and I see them everyday still! I’ve been able to audition for a lot of great parts, and we were all sad at first, but that’s life. I’m excited to be able to play different characters and work and have fun. That’s the goal for me: to have fun!”

It just goes to show you can’t keep real talent down for too long. We love Sara and are super excited about these new parts! I’m happy to hear Sara’s working again! Are you? Drop a comment like it’s hot!

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