Salma and Alec's Top Three Funniest Moments on "30 Rock"

I've been a fan of Salma Hayek's work ever since she made the delightful rom-com, Fools Rush In, but I never thought the Mexican A-lister could do comedy until she became an honorary castmember on NBC's 30 Rock.

In case you haven't heard, Salma's been playing a sexy boricua nurse named Elisa (not to be confused with Lauren Velez's sexy boricua nurse, Elena, over on Ugly Betty) and bringing the funny every week with her onscreen love interest Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin.

The best thing about Hayek's guest appearances—other than the ruthless parodies of Spanish telenovelas, quinceañeras and man-hating abuelitas—has got to be her exchanges with Baldwin, where they each take turns setting each other up with amazing, Latin-centric punchlines. Check out three of their funniest moments below, and answer me this:

Are you tuning in to 30 Rock tonight to see what Salma does next?


Jack: It's 7 o'clock, why don't I hear my mother yelling, "Go home!" to the Asian contestant on Jeopardy?

Elisa: 'Cause she's asleep.

Jack: Really? How did you do that?

Salma: She fought me at first, but I find that authoritative, rapid Spanish subdues white people.

(Fast forward to 9:20)


Jack: It's not because you're a...I'm sorry, what do you call yourself?

Elisa: A Puerto Rican.

Jack: No, I know you can say that, but what do I call you?

Elisa: A Puerto Rican!

Jack: Wow...that does not sound right.


Jack (to Liz Lemon): Elisa and I have enough obstacles: our work schedules, our cultures, her adorably broken English.

Elisa: MetroCards are a real thing, Jack. You use them on the subway!

Jack: Ha!

(Fast-forward to 7:30)