Recasting 'Modern Family': ABC’s Hit Comedy Gets a Latin Makeover!

I’ll be honest: Unlike most people, I don’t think Modern Family is all that funny. In fact, I got so bored watching last week’s episode that I actually dozed off and dreamt of recasting the show (except of course for Sofia Vergara, who is hilarious). So without further ado, I present my all-Latin cast of Familia Moderna!

Mitchell Pritchett: Played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson on the show, Mitchell is an anxious worrier who’s also kind of a snob and a grump. All of those terrible qualities make this the perfect role for Cuban actor, Oscar Nunez—a subtle, understated comedian who ingeniously plays grumpy gay accountant Oscar Martinez on NBC’s hit comedy, The Office. Oscar is great at portraying snobs who are completely unimpressed in the funniest of situations—in short, he’s perfect for the part of the skeptical Mitchell!

Cameron Tucker: Mitchell’s much chubbier life partner is his polar opposite: Cameron’s funny, bubbly, and sweet, and when he puts on his infamous clown suit he instantly becomes the life of the party! Chubby Saturday Night Live alum, Horatio Sanz—the king of goofiness—would be perfect to fill Cam’s clown shoes.

Claire Dunphy: Nicole Richie can be quite motherly when it comes to her adorable daughter, Harlow, but as we saw on her reality show, The Simple Life, she can also be really bitchy. Which is why she’d be perfect to play Claire Dunphy, currently portrayed by Julie Bowen. Of all the characters on MF, Claire is undoubtedly the most grating, but she also has moments where she proves herself to be a great mom. Nicole would bring out both sides of the character.

Jay Pritchett: Ed O’Neill stars as Sofia Vergara’s much older husband on the show, so when I thought about who could replace him as Sofia's  geriatric lover, only one person came to mind: Edward James Olmos! The Oscar-nominated actor would do a great job of bringing out all of Jay’s insecurities, as well as his stubbornness and prejudice.

Phil Dunphy
: Recasting the show’s most popular character, Phil, played by Ty Burrell, is no easy job. Phil is many things: a 7-year-old in a man’s body, a lovable goofball and an idiot. But mostly, Phil is likable. So if anyone can fill Phil's shoes, it's our boy Freddie Prinze Jr, who happens to be one of the most well-liked celebs in Hollywood. Can you picture FPJ saying “WTF, what the face?” I can!

The Dog Butler:  To recast this pivotal role, I had only to think of someone that Sofia Vergara would want out of her house which made the casting choice easy—her ex-boyfriend, Enrique Iglesias!

What does your Latin Modern Family cast look like? Let me know in the comments section!