Real World Cancun Cast Member Aiiiya Adds to Mexico's Troubles

This hasn’t been a good year for Mexico. The country has had to deal with a swine flu outbreak, violent drug cartels, kidnappings and numerous other challenges. And now, making matters worse, the country has to put up with Aiiiya, the 21-year-old Mexicana from MTV's Real World Cancun. Homegirl is a hot mess! Honestly, I don’t even think the fifth largest country in the Americas is big enough for Aiiiya, a California native described by MTV as a “reformed party girl with a history of drug abuse and cutting." I'd like to add that she also has an unmatched flair for the dramatic.

Since The Real World’s 21st season premiered on June 24, Aiiiya has been causing big problems in the house. We're only three episodes in and her roommates are already fed up with her shiz. Here is a breakdown of Aiiiya’s unfriendly activities in the house so far:

1. She made her roommate Joey furious when she told him a “sunburn” on his lip looked like a herpes lesion. Joey, in return, chased Aiiiya into a restaurant and spit in her tacos! (Ok, listen up, Joey. I get that Aiiiya can be a biotch, but you must never do that to a Mexican! Heck, you shouldn’t even do that to a Cuban—I love me some tacos!). Anyway, post-spit, Aiiiya smacked Joey over the head, and declared: “I will knock his ass out!” She also broke his guitar because she was oh-so-angry. Classy!

2.  From day one, Aiiiya has been bossing her roommates around with some major ‘tude. And when the house gets messy, her dictator-like attitude prompts her roommates to say things like: “Who made you queen of the castle? When did you get this idea that you could boss people around?”

3. In episode 3, Aiiiya gets lost at a club, and even though her caring roommates spend about an hour looking for her, when they don’t find her, Aiiiya decides to give them major attitude because they failed at their task. Her roommate CJ (the house heartthrob) wasn’t having it: “You don’t even deserve me wasting my eardrums on you.” Ouch. Aiiiya’s roommate Jonna also had some choice words for her (behind her back): “I was seriously going to shoot someone: Aiiiya.”

4. If Aiiiya had a best friend in the house, it was Emilee, who always had Aiiiya’s back, especially during her fight with Joey. But in episode 3, which was called “I Kissed A Girl and I Liked It (At First),” Aiiiya and Emillee get really close before they grow apart big-time. After hopping into bed with Emilee and having sex with her (despite the fact that Aiiiya is not a lesbian), Emilee starts to see Aiiiya’s true colors when Aiiiya doesn’t defend her during a fight with the guys. After a screaming match, Emilee starts to dislike Aiiiya too. The same day, she quarrels with her other best-friend in the house, Jasmine. Afterwards, all of the roommates agree that Aiiiya is responsible for too much of the drama in the house.

6. The best thing about Aiiiya is that she’s completely unapologetic about all of the drama she’s caused in the house so far: “I’d rather come in as a bitch and leave as a bitch, rather than come in really nice and be looked at as a hypocrite later.” Nice!

Check out these Aiiiya drama-filled clips.


Emilee and Ayiiia's lesbian action:

Joey spits on Aiiiya’s Tacos:

Aiiya quarrels with Jasmine:

Watch as Aiiiya tries to justify her actions on the show following the airing of episode 2: