MTV Tr3s VJ Carlos Santos: Funny or Not?

Remember TRL? The after-school music video countdown on MTV that Carson Daly so memorably hosted, before he went all manorexia and his eyeballs fell out of their sockets? Well, it officially retired at the end of '08, and so did its sister show, Mi TRL, on MTV Tr3s.

Apparently the network wanted to shake things up, so this week they're premiering a TRL-esque variety show called Entertainment as a Second Language, at 9 p.m. It's hosted by former MiTRL host, Carlos Santos—a guy that the folks at MTV Tr3s seem to really, really dig.

Me? I'm on the fence.

While most of the MTV VJs parted ways with the network once TRL signed off, Carlos, a 27-year-old boricua, was awarded with his very own espankin' new show. If you've ever heard him imitate 21 Spanish accents in three minutes (see the first clip below), you might be scratching your head like I am right now and thinking, “Um, why all the love?”

I’m not saying Carlos isn't funny; he has his moments, like in the second clip below where he channels the very cocky Daddy Yankee to perfection. I’ve interviewed Mr. Yankee—errrr, Daddy—and the impersonation here is spot-on! So while I don’t think this kid is the cat’s pajamas, I do give him credit for having the balls to appear in the crazy skits he’s asked to do.

My main beef is with the stupid title of his new show: E.S.L. Really? A variety show named after a class for non-native English speakers?! Surely MTV Tr3s can come up with a better name than that.

Despite the cornball title, E.S.L. should keep things interesting with celebrity guests, comedy sketches (make them funny, Carlos!), and performances from some of the music industry’s top talent. Kicking off the show tonight is Don Omar, who will sing his new single "Virtual Diva." Much like I'm undecided about Carlos, our music bloguera isn't sure what to make of this song, but hopefully Don can change her mind when he does it live.

All of this VJ talk has made me a bit nostalgic, and now I'm remembering what I liked most about the original TRL. Three words: Alani Lala Vasquez (“Lala” to her fans). Every time she said the words, “This is Lala,” I was hooked! Ok, so I’m a little biased, being that she’s a fellow blogger...but I think Lala represented us quite well as a TRL VJ. Don’t you?

Tell me: Are you a fan of Carlos Santos? Will you tune in to E.S.L. tonight? Sound off in the comments!

WATCH: Carlos Santos speaks in 21 Spanish accents

WATCH: Carlos Santos impersonates Daddy Yankee