Movie "Magic" Ahead for Selena Gomez & "Wizards"

The Wizards of Waverly Place, starring Latina Texican Selena Gomez, is Disney’s most magical show, (pun intended). Kids love it, adults dig it too—and the ratings, are, (to use a kid word) awesome! In fact, in April, Wizards was ranked as the #2 scripted series across all cable and broadcast networks among teens 9-14. Not only did Disney renew Wizards for a 3rd season, but the network has also just announced plans to turn their beloved show into an original telefilm (that means “TV movie” for the TTI (television terminology impaired). The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the original TV movie, premiering in August, “will follow the Russo kids on a vacation to the Caribbean resort where their parents met.” This sounds like a sweet and clever idea to me. But here’s the downside: Disney plans to do with Wizards what it does with every other show they own that becomes a cash cow—milk it for all its worth! Suffice it to say that Disney doesn’t think one movie based on the Wizards TV show is enough to satisfy their audience. They plan to do with Wizards what they did with High School Musical and Hannah Montana in the past—turn it into a movie franchise. 

Personally, I don’t see the need for so much movie magic, but at the very least it’s keeping my girl Selena employed at a time when she needs to redeem herself more than ever (note: her need for redemption can best be understood by those who saw her dreadful performance in ABC Family’s A Cinderella Story). But if the Wizards movies don’t help Selena make up for it, she can still show what she’s got in her other summer movie, Princess Protection Program, alongside her BFF Demi Lovato, premiering June 26 on the Disney Channel.

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