The Most Embarrassing TV Moments of 2009!

Luckily, Latino TV stars didn’t have many embarrassing moments in 2009. But the few people who did humiliate us did a darn good job. Vivo Por Tivo reluctantly presents the most embarrassing Latino TV moments of 2009!

Most Embarrassing Moment of 2009:

This must go to Tatiana del Toro. The American Idol contestant, who was booted from the competition in the first weeks, did a sensational job of embarrassing Latinos everywhere during the AI finale. On the off-chance that you’ve forgotten what went down on that (un)faithful day, here’s what happened. In an effort to be funny, host Ryan Seacrest announced that Tatiana was the winner of the Golden Idol (a made-up award). She got up to walk towards the stage, but Seacrest (in his regular jerk-like way) asked her to please stay in her seat because the show needed to go to commercial. Tatiana repeatedly ignored Secreast’s request. Instead, she proceeded to walk onto the stage and performed Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love” for the audience. “I keep singing no matter what,” she told Seacrest. Her failure to follow the rules prompted the show to send security guards onto the stage to escort Tatiana out, but somehow she kept escaping their grip (maybe they didn’t want to touch her?). Anyway, the funniest part of the clip takes place at the 50 second mark when former Idol winner Ruben Studdard’s jaw drops because he's so puzzled by what's happening. Priceless! But while this is a very embarrassing moment for Latinos, I must say that I find Tatiana very entertaining, and you’ve got to have guts to do something like this. Stay crazy, girl. We love you!



Most Embarrassing Laugh:

Tatiana Del Toro (American Idol): Tatiana wins again! The Idol contestant has the worst laugh in the world. If you think that’s a bold statement, check out these two videos below, then get back to me.





Most Humiliating Joke of 2009:

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is one funny lady! But when the beautiful Colombian actress paid a visit to The View last month, the joke was on her (and on Latinos for knowing her). She told a joke that was so inappropriate and so unnecessary that it stunned Whoopi Goldberg. Check it out:



Most Embarrassing Fight of 2009:

This goes to Veronica Portillo, The Real World Challenge: The Ruins. It’s never a pleasant sight watching two women fight, and this moment is no exception. Latina Road Rules alum Portillo teases a mentally unstable contestant mercilessly for hours and gets slapped across the face as a result. Lets hope these ladies learn a lesson from this moment and figure out that fighting is never the solution.



Worst Breast Moment of 2009:

As far as I’m concerned, the only breast that belongs in the refrigerator is a chicken breast. Can someone please tell that to Lamas family matriarch Michelle Smith? In one of the breast moments of 2009 (see what I did there?), Michelle placed her breasts in the freezer to cool off. Yikes!



Most Indulgent Clip of 2009:

Marc Anthony and George Lopez won this one hands down. On The George Lopez Show, Anthony and Lopez did a skit so laughably unfunny that it had me cringing as I watched. The skit is indulgent and it portrays two guys who, frankly, think they’re funnier than they are. Stick to singing, Marc!