Is Morena Baccarin TV’s New Sci-Fi Queen?

Let me be the first to say this: Morena Baccarin will win an Emmy for her role on the new ABC sci-fi series V. OK, now that that’s out of the way, you’re probably asking yourself, "Who in the world is Morena Baccarin?" I’ve got your answer.

Baccarin is a gorgeous 30-year-old actress who was born in Rio de Janeiro, and is best known for her T.V. work. You might remember her as Inara Serra in the Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) sci-fi drama Firefly, or for her role as the recurring villain Adria in the 10th season of Stargate SG-1. Or perhaps you recognize her voice. She voiced the character Black Canary in several episodes of the animated series Justice League Unlimited.
If you don’t know her at all, fear not. You will get to know her very soon.

The talented actress, a graduate of the prestigious Julliard School, is set to star on V playng the role of Anna, the alien leader of the Vs (the “visitors”). The website for the show says the character is “a beautiful, charismatic, powerful [alien] who offers friendship to the people of earth,” but warns that she is “privately fierce and manipulative” and that she “wants to rule humanity with an iron fist.”
With a description like that, I jetted over to YouTube to check out the trailer for the show—(mostly to see if Morena’s character is as kickass and badass as that awesome description promises she will be—and I was blown away by it. The show looks amazing! Check out the trailer below.
We get our first look at Morena as Anna at the 46 second mark. Her giant head appears in the sky, and in a gentle voice, she speaks: “Don’t be frightened. We mean no harm.” At first I thought, “What an adorable alien!” But then, at the 1:59 mark—when reporter Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) asks Anna, “Do you have any questions before we go to air?” and she responds with, “Just to be sure not to ask anything that would paint us in a negative light,” she sent chills down my TV-shaped spine! I love Wolf’s shocked reply, “Excuse Me!?” Morena looks fantastic in the trailer—Emmy-worthy even.
The premise for V is that giant alien spaceships appear over the major cities of the world claiming to come in peace. (In reality, the “visitors” are in the final stages of their plan to take over the planet). While most human beings flock to the Vs—worshipping them and marveling at their special ability to heal the sick—there are some skeptics, like FBI counter-terrorism agent Erica Evans (Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell), who join a resistance movement to save humanity.
The show is a remake, based on the 1983 two-part science fiction television miniseries written and directed by Kenneth Johnson. Johnsn has said that the story was inspired by the 1935 novel It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis.

V is getting some great early reviews. After viewing the pilot for the show in July, E! Online TV blog, Watch With Kristin raved about the show, and basically called Morena the show’s standout star. “We've seen the pilot, and on a scale of 1 to 10, we give it an 11. V is the best pilot we've seen in, well, forever. Elizabeth Mitchell is amazing. Scott Wolf (Party of Five) is adorable and charming. And you simply won't be able to take your eyes off Morena Baccarin. It goes above and beyond expectations! And USA Today's Robert Bianco also named V on his list of the top ten new shows, stating that the remake is well-made and "quickly establishes its own identity."

Still, buzz on V is mixed, thanks in large part to ABC’s decision to break up the show’s debut. Here’s how it will work: The network will air the first four episodes of the show beginning with a November 3rd series premiere, and then the show will go on a nearly 4-month hiatus—returning to the schedule after the Olympics in March. While an ABC spokesperson says that it was always the network’s intent to run the drama in “pod” form (which means like a television event rather than a week to week series), it’s never a good thing for a new show to sit out for months just weeks after its premiere.

That said, I think this show looks absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to see it.
What about you, Vivo Por TVians? Are you excited about V? Does the trailer blow your mind like it does mine? Is Morena the scariest Brazilian alien you’ve ever seen or what? I want to know what you think. Dish in the comments!