Model Latinas Go Head to Head for Tyra's Love

As much as I love Jaslene Gonzalez (the winner of America’s Next Top Model’s 8th season), I think it’s time for another sexy, straight-talking Latina to keep it real with Tyra Banks and earn her place as the top model du jour. And with two Latinas among the final 13 aspiring catwalkers on ANTM this season, I may just get what I want.

But who are these mujeres making such a big impression on Tyra and her pair of Jays (Jay Emanuel and Miss Jay) that they managed to survive all the previous cuts? Let’s start with the overly cocky but undeniably hot 18-year-old from Puerto Rico: Jessica. As everyone knows, hot messes come in all shapes and sizes and from all countries, and we’ve finally found our boricua one. In the season premiere, she bragged, “I have never been called fea in my life,” to which the Diva Miss Jay countered, “Not to your face!” (Oh, snap! You go, Miss!) Later, she says, “I’m one of the most confident girls here, and I’m not afraid of the competition—the competition should be afraid of me!” Is it just me, or is Jessica as drama-crazy as American Idol's Puerto Rican princess, Tatiana del Toro?

If there’s one thing Jessica has in her favor it's that she embraces her Latin background, the same way Jaslene did in cycle 8: “My Latin flavor is what brings me an edge,” she gushed in an interview. “I like to listen to salsa, and I love Marc and J. Lo.” I think Jessica has a good shot at winning, as long as she can learn to keep her mouth shut when it matters most.

But if not, then we can always root for Fo (short for Felicia). This 19-year-old is a self-proclaimed Blaxican—Black + Mexican—from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and like millions of Americans, she is currently unemployed! (Do models have to deal with the recession, too? Hmm.)
Fo stood out early in the competition because of her signature freckles, but what immediately struck me most was her laziness. “I auditioned for ANTM because I thought it was a great opportunity to be seen by the world and not have to go through all the busy hassle of putting your pictures out to agencies and hoping to get a call back," says Fo. Is she serious?! Fo also apparently loves her some McD's, which I’m sure will confuse ANTM fans who think that models don’t eat. “I’m obsessed with deep fried chicken McNuggets,” she admits.

That said, I think Fo is a bit classier than Jessica, and much less confrontational: “I‘m going to try to be the chill girl and definitely steer clear of the drama,” she's said. She also has a great likeability factor that ANTM judges love, and she seems more versatile than Jessica because she can do high-fashion as well as everyday-style fashion shoots.

But I’m more interested in your thoughts. What do you think? Can Jessica or Fo pull a Jaslene Gonzalez and become America’s Next Top Model? Which girl do you like better?

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