Mario Lopez is a Wiener!

When the women I know talk about Mario Lopez, they refer to the former spandex-wearing Saved by the Bell star as a “hot dog.” Surely, these ladies aren’t implying that the "Mexican Ryan Seacrest" is a weenie, a frankfurter, a moist sausage or a Wiener Würstchen (that would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?). No, what they are really suggesting is that Mario is a good-looking bloke (forgive me, I’m a bit British today) who also happens to be a bit of a dog, or a player (as in cheater, playboy and womanizer, y'all).

So it is sort of ironic that in April, 10 million people tuned in to watch the hot dog work as a hot dog vendor on the celebrity prank show I Get That a Lot, which, in addition to scoring big ratings in total number of viewers, also managed to win its time period among adults (18-49, 3.4 rating/10 share), making Mario a big ratings wiener winner! In fact, CBS was so thrilled with the stellar ratings for the show that the eye network ordered additional episodes that will air as quarterly specials featuring new celebrities.

In case you haven’t heard about the show, I Get That a Lot is a funny hidden camera celebrity prank show (a la Punk’d) where celebs attempt to trick their coworkers and other everyday folk into thinking they’re simply look-alikes and not the famous actors and singers that they really are. The first episode of the show, which aired as an April Fool’s Day special, featured Mario—as well as model Heidi Klum, rapper Ice-T and singers LeAnn Rimes and Jessica Simpson—working low-wage, everyday jobs and pretending not to be themselves. Mario’s “ordinary” job was to sell hot dogs at a stand near New York City’s Central Park, and in his funny scenes, the host of Extra was approached by several New Yorkers who were puzzled and perplexed by the weenie-maker's striking resemblance to Mario Lopez. But it was one young woman in particular (undoubtedly a huge Mario Lopez fan), who made the skit hilarious by refusing to accept that Mario sold hot dogs for a living and wasn’t the ab-tastic D-lister she knows and loves. Mario did his best to convince his fan otherwise with lines like: “If I was Mario Lopez, would I be selling hot dogs in Central Park right here?” And I must admit, it was all quite funny! Especially when she started to second-guess herself: “It was great because she came up, was giving me a hard time, then she was confused, then she didn’t know what happened. Then she ends up ordering a hot dog,” Mario said on the show.

The part that I thought was really corny, though, was when Mario asked an overweight man to jump rope in the name of “health” (note to Mario: if you’re trying to be incognito, you might not want to do things that hot dog vendors don’t ordinarily do. Duh!) Still, I must say I am happy to see Mario becoming acquainted with a different kind of dog, and show an interest in buns other than his own!

Take a look at Lopez on I Get That a Lot here. Then tell me: Is Mario a wiener in your eyes? Or am I giving him too much credit? What other Latin celebs do you want to see appear on the celebrity prank show? Dish in the comments, and go eat a hot dog!