Maiara Walsh Va-Va-Vooms onto Wisteria Lane

On last night’s season finale of Desperate Housewives, Brazilian actress Maiara Walsh, who I told you weeks ago had been cast as Gaby’s (Eva Longoria’s) spoiled troublemaker niece, Ana, finally arrived on Wisteria Lane, and she made such a stunning entrance that I was forced to consult my urban dictionary for the right word to describe her. Here’s what I came up with: “Va-va-voom!” It means “a girl who looks mad good.” The episode was bo-ring until about halfway through the first hour (it was a 2-hour finale) when Maiara arrived in a yellow cab that pulled up in front of the Solis residence. Gaby and Carlos, joined by their daughters, were waiting on the porch to greet the innocent little girl who Carlos loved and remembered so fondly, when suddenly, a supermodel-ish teenager got out of the taxi, one designer sandal at a time, shocking Gaby the way the Creature shocked Victor Frankenstein and prompting Carlos to say: "I don't remember that."

When Gaby helped Ana unpack, she learned that in addition to being beautiful and young, Ana owned more Versace and Vera Wang dresses than Gaby herself, and when Gaby asked, “How did you get all of these?” Ana told her they were gifts from her boyfriends. “How many boyfriends do you have?” asked Gaby, to which Ana answered, “Not as many as I used to. I had to make some cutbacks.” Yikes! This girl is caliente!  Later, when Gaby assigned Ana some chores meant to teach her discipline (she has to clean the porch and do her own laundry—big whoop), Ana got next-door neighbors the Scavo twins to do it all for her using just a wink and a smile, which led to another confrontation between Gaby and Ana. When Gaby told Ana she was upset with her for not doing her own housework, Ana stunned Gaby with a bitchy insult: “You're just jealous. You’re not young anymore, you can’t get guys to do things for you, and that drives you crazy. The house is clean. What do you care how it got that way?” Aye Dios. That’s one crazy houseguest I would never want to have!

Ana may have good looks, but we also learned she’s not a good girl. Carlos’s aunt Connie—who asked him and Gaby to take care of Ana in light of the fact that she’s dying and won't be able to look after her—is hiding a terrible secret about the teenager from el infierno. When Connie's friend (whose name we don’t learn) asked: “Are you going to tell them the truth about Ana?” Connie replied, “No, they’ll find out soon enough!” setting up next season’s DH mystery storyline. Whatever the story line is, it’s going to be juicy with Maiara as Ana, who looks like Gisele Bündchen, has an air of Natalie Portman and plays the bitchy teenager as well as Rachel McAdams did in Mean Girls. Watch the clip to see Maiara's stunning entrance on Desperate Housewives last night. Then tell me, is "va-va-voom" a good term to describe her?

Maiara Walsh Entrance Starts at: 5:21 seconds.


Maiara Walsh tells Gaby all about her many boyfriends: Starts at 2:04 seconds. Then Ana Gets Some Help from the Scavo Twins Doing her Chores: Starts at 6:00.