Madonna Gives 'Glee' Super Powers

Life is a mystery, isn’t it? Last week, I asked the question: “Is Glee Racist?” But last night’s episode—a tribute entitled, “The Power of Madonna”—had me asking a much different question: Is Glee brilliant? The answer is YES!

Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking musical comedy delivered in a big way last night, with a stunning episode about female empowerment, sexual freedom and gender equality. The cherry on top was Santana's juicier part in this episode (maybe they read my post last week, just sayin'). 

Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) was concerned that the guys were disrespecting the women of the Glee club—and in an attempt to make things a little more copacetic—asks the club to come up with musical numbers to Madonna’s greatest hits.

What followed was a joyous hour of the New Directions kids singing and dancing to Madonna songs, while dealing with real issues; like struggling with the decision to lose their virginity and trying to understand what it’s like to walk in the shoes of someone from the opposite gender.

As with every episode of Glee, it wasn’t the plot that made the episode great—it was the musical numbers—which were breathtaking! From Rachel and Finn’s sweet mashup of “Borderline”/”Open Your Heart” to Kurt (Chris Colfer), and Mercedes’s (Amber Riley) fabulous black-and-white “Vogue” video, a shot-by-shot remake starring Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch)—every song and dance routine from last night’s episode blew me away. But I especially liked the very sexy and fun triple duet to “Like a Virgin,” in which Emma, Finn and Rachel, each contemplate whether or not they're ready to do "it". Still, were you as shocked as I was when Jesse St. James (super hottie Jonathan Groff) transferred schools? Do you think he's still working for the enemy (i.e. Vocal Adrenaline)?

But the show definitely saved the best number for last. As the episode came to a close, we were treated to a spellbinding performance of “Like a Prayer” featuring the entire Glee club, as well as a full gospel choir. The number literally made the hair on my arms stand up, mainly because Lea Michelle’s voice is so magnificent. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop playing last night’s songs on Youtube, and if you’re like me, then I know you’ll be heading out to buy the seven-song soundtrack, also titled "Glee: Power of Madonna," which was released yesterday. See you at Target!

Were you as floored as I was by the episode? Which song dazzled you most?