"Lost" Star Sonya Walger Flashes Forward

For 11 episodes, Sonya Walger played Penny Widmore (Desmond’s wife and the estranged daughter of Charles Widmore) on ABC’s megahit Lost. Now, the 35-year-old part-Argentinean (and part-British) actress is getting ready to star on Flash Forward, a new ABC show premiering in the fall that critics are touting as the network’s new Lost.

In the new series (based loosely on Robert J. Sawyer's 1999 novel of the same name), Walger will play Dr. Olivia Benford, a driven and successful trauma surgeon who thrives on the challenges of her job. Olivia has a daughter named Charlie and an FBI agent husband named Mark (Shakespeare in Love’s Joseph Fiennes). Although her marriage to Mark has had its ups and downs, she loves him very much and they’re trying to make their matrimonio work.

The premise for Flash Forward is that seven billion people all black out at exactly the same time for 2.17 seconds. In addition to making everyone lose consciousness, the global blackout causes everyone to see six months into the future (which instills in the married Olivia a sense of guilt, because she sees herself with another man—a man who is not her husband). Drama! Like Lost, Flash Forward will really challenge fans to try and figure out what’s going on in the show, with mysterious backstories and strange character arcs.

Although Walger’s star has been on the rise for several years now,  this is her first leading role on an American TV network show. Previously, she starred as Carolyn in the provocative, groundbreaking but quickly axed HBO series Tell Me You Love Me, a drama about three couples and the therapist they share. She also played the supporting role of Michelle Dixon, the wife of Sarah Connor’s former fiancé, on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in 2008.

Directed by David S. Goyer (screenwriter of The Dark Knight), Flash Forward should give all you Lost fans something to look forward to when you lose Lost in 2010! The show will premier in Ugly Betty’s old time slot at 8 p.m. EST on Thursday, Sept. 24.

What say you, TVians? Do you like Walger? Will you watch Flash Forward? Or are you still salty about the fact that it moved your precious Betty to Friday nights? Dish in the comments section!