Laura Harring On Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick: “It’s Like Working With James Dean”

On this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, we learned that Elizabeth Bass—the mysterious and conniving woman claiming to be Chuck’s madre—is actually his real mother! Talk about your OMG moments!
But by the end of the episode, Elizabeth once again abandoned Chuck. The story line wasn’t wrapped up this week, which begs the question: Will Elizabeth be back on GG later this season?

To find out, I called up Laura Harring, the beautiful and talented Mexican actress who plays Chuck Bass’s mom on the show. She couldn’t tell me if her character will resurface on the Upper East Side, (it’s all very top secret), but Harring did tell me that Elizabeth may not be as bad as she seems. Plus, she tells me why she loved working with Ed Westwick, and why she’d welcome a catfight with Leighton Meester!

How are you enjoying working on Gossip Girl?
This show has been such a wonderful experience.  The people are so nice and they never made me feel like I was an adult or a mom. And working in New York is so exciting!

I’ll be honest: I was shocked to see an actress of your pedigree on a teen show like Gossip Girl. What made you decide to join the cast?
I’m very humble. [Laughs] No, I love the fashion element and the writing is just so juicy. It’s outrageous, it’s scandalous—what television used to be. I love the story lines and it’s got a very strong fan base. My character is very mysterious, which fits with my repertoire. I love playing mystery roles. They dressed me up with kind of a Hitchcockian feel to it.

Were you familiar with the show before you joined it?
I wasn’t a follower of the show, but I went on Youtube and started seeing some of the episodes, and I was blown away. I thought it was really well done, and beautifully written. It’s not your regular show—it’s very scandalous!

You’re not someone I think of as being “scandalous.” Do you like that kind of material?
[Laughs] Yeah! I’m a drama queen deep inside! I was married to an aristocrat, so that whole society element and the fashion, and who’s doing what, is very intriguing to follow. When I found out how juicy this show was, I was even more excited.

You have a lot of friends in NY High Society. Do you think that Gossip Girl paints a realistic picture of what NY Society is really like?
Oh wow. If I say yes, or I say no, I’m in trouble. I can’t say that it’s exactly like it, but there are similarities.

What has it been like working with Ed Westwick?
Working with Ed felt like I was working with James Dean. That mystery, that aloofness, and that bad boy kind of vibe that he has! Isn’t he so great? He really has a mystery about him. It’s real. You can’t fake that. He’s very focused and he’s a very serious actor and I love to see that in the new generation. That’s what I love about Gossip Girl. It has the air of old Hollywood. Blair’s character, the way that she dresses and those red lips—everything about the show has a mood to it.

Your GG character seems like a pretty shady lady. Is she all bad?
No, she’s not all bad. I love playing her because she’s multidimensional. She has a big heart.

Can we look forward to a showdown between your character and Ms. Blair Waldorf?
[Laughs] I don’t know, because I don’t know where the writers are going with that. But there’s nothing better and juicier than a catfight on television.

Do you want to have a catfight with her?
Yeeeeah! No, I’m just kidding. I love Leighton (Meester).

When you were a teenager, were you as wild as the teens on Gossip Girl?
I wasn’t as wild, but it was a different generation. That was like three or four years ago. You know what I mean? [Laughs]

Can you please star in a sequel to Mulholland Drive?
You know, it’s funny you should say that because there’s a rumor that David Lynch is writing his next movie.

Is it a sequel to Mulholland Drive?
It’s not official, but that’s what it looks like.

What do you guys think of the hilarious Laura Harring? Did you know she was this funny, because I sure didn’t! Will you be tuning into GG to catch her playing Chuck's mom? Dish in the comments!